• How to Trigger a Microsoft Flow from a Custom Button in Dynamics 365

      Adam Murchison, 23 July 2019

      When using Microsoft Flow the out-of-the-box button is nested under the ‘Flow’ section and is not easy to find nor is it customizable. Triggering the flow using a ‘Flow Button’ makes the button appear under the ‘Run Flow’ branch which is a nested button that is unintuitive for users. It is much nic

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    • Using the Qualify Lead Action in Dynamics 365

      Isaac Stephens, 22 July 2019

      Dynamics 365 lets you convert a Lead into an Account, Contact and Opportunity at a click of a button. But you may not need to have an opportunity created, which means you will either need to delete these unwanted records, or just let them sit there wasting your precious space. Well luckily enough, f

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    • Conditional Workflow Email Content in Dynamics 365

      Megha Kainth, 19 July 2019

      In this blog, I will show you how you can add conditional email content when sending email messages via workflow in Dynamics 365. In this scenario, we want to send an automated email, but sign off the email based on information from a Case record. For example, if the Case Type = “Enquiry”, sign off

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    • Sub-grid display behavior in the Dynamics 365 Unified Interface

      Zoe Sands, 18 July 2019

      With the release of the Dynamics 365 Unified Interface, Microsoft has taken steps to make forms less cluttered and more appealing to the eye when used on different sized screens.We all know that when a browser window is made too narrow to display a three-section wide tab, it will push the right most

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    • Preventing an Error when Editing Field Permissions in Dynamics 365

      Sean Roque, 17 July 2019

      We encountered an error when editing permissions for a field security profile on a newly configured field,  However, when trying the same thing on other fields that were already enabled for field security, the changes were applied without any issues. To uncover the cause for this error, we need

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    • How to view records using the Classic Interface in Dynamics 365

      Jordan Hohepa, 16 July 2019

      With Dynamics 365 v9 you have the option to set the Unified Interface Client to be the default Interface for your system. When this setting is activated all records will be opened in the new Interface even when opened from Advanced Find. There are scenarios where you’d want to use the old interface

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    • Regarding Not Being Set on Create of Activity Records in Dynamics 365

      Roshan Mehta, 12 July 2019

      When creating an Activity record from a Timeline in Dynamics 365, I noticed that the Regarding field was not mapping through automatically. This happens on both Quick Create forms and Main forms. The screenshot above shows the result when I try to create a Task from the Timeline on a Case record. No

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    • Get Counts for more than 5000 records in Dynamics 365

      Megha Kainth, 12 July 2019

      One of the most important tasks during Data Migration testing is to get the record counts of all the records in an entity. This can be done using Advanced Find when records are less than 5000, but what if there are more than 5000 records? In the past, we have used different methods to get the record

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    • Formatting Dates in DocumentsCorePack Templates

      Sarah Coleman, 10 July 2019

      Have you ever wondered how to change the format of a date that is merged into a DocumentsCorePack template?  There are plenty of formatting options at your fingertips - read on to learn how to go beyond the standard dd/MM/yyyy format.After inserting a date merge field into your DocumentsCorePac

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    • Dynamics 365 Portals New Feature - Manage SharePoint Documents

      Satyvir Jasra, 09 July 2019

      In Dynamics 365, we can utilise the ‘Document Management’ functionality to upload documents for different entity records. For example, I can upload and/or view them for a Contact record. However, this functionality wasn’t available for the Dynamics 365 Portals until the 2018 October release. In this

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    • How to Remove a Two-Option Field from a Dynamics 365 Workflow

      Sean Roque, 08 July 2019

      Sometimes you need to remove a field from Dynamics 365, but that field has dependencies on other parts of the system. This can be problematic in some scenarios, such as removing a Two-Option field which is tied to a workflow. The example below shows a Two Options field being used in an update step i

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    • Why is my Dynamics 365 Rollup not working in the Unified Interface

      Isaac Stephens, 05 July 2019

      As more and more people switch over to the new Unified Interface for Dynamics 365, people start to find differences between the old and the new. Some differences can cause great frustration, especially when things that used to work don’t. One of the issues we came across was when a perfectly working

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    • Binding to Address Fields in a PCF Control

      Jared Johnson, 04 July 2019

      Recently I was working on a custom control where I wanted it to have outputs that were bound to the address fields on a contact or account. However even though I had the type set to SingleLine.Text, none of the address fields appeared in the list of fields when selecting which field to bind to. Acco

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    • How to Filter Lookups in a Dynamics 365 Business Process Flow

      Sean Roque, 03 July 2019

      When designing a business process flow in Dynamics 365, we might have a data step in one stage, which is a lookup to another step in the next stage. In cases like this we ideally want to filter the search options to only show related records. This is not available out of the box but it can be done u

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