Welcome to Magnetism. Here we live and breathe Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Whether you are a business needing to get closer to customers, seeking to improve relationships, or just wanting to get a better view of your business, Magnetism and Dynamics 365 can help.

Relationship - The "R" in CRM

The "C" stands for Customer, but you can swap that for Partner, Student, Donor, Constituent...you get the idea. Our job is building great software that creates great relationships - whatever they may be. We think the best toolkit for this is Dynamics 365. We are exclusive Microsoft Dynamics 365 specialists.

MyConnect for Xero

Our Xero Connector provides smooth integration between Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and Xero Accounting Software. Save time, eliminate errors and gain piece of mind with instant access to your client and supplier financial information. This seamless integration ensures you can make the right decisions based on having the right information where and when you need it most.


Business Required Asterisks on Opposite Sides in Dynamics 365 V9

With Dynamics 365 v9 being available there have been a few noticeable changes to the User Interface as you can see in the screenshot below. One of the more noticeable differences can be seen when comparing the ‘Account Name’ field and the ‘Phone’ field below. Both fields are set as business required...

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