• Using the SolutionPackager tool with Dynamics 365

      Isaac Stephens, 24 July 2019

      When you export a solution, you are given a Zip folder containing 3 XML files. These 3 files contain all the information needed to build your solution. But this isn’t exactly human friendly as all of your entities are jammed into one file called ‘Customizations.xml’. But Microsoft have our backs her

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    • Using the Qualify Lead Action in Dynamics 365

      Isaac Stephens, 22 July 2019

      Dynamics 365 lets you convert a Lead into an Account, Contact and Opportunity at a click of a button. But you may not need to have an opportunity created, which means you will either need to delete these unwanted records, or just let them sit there wasting your precious space. Well luckily enough, f

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    • Why is my Dynamics 365 Rollup not working in the Unified Interface

      Isaac Stephens, 05 July 2019

      As more and more people switch over to the new Unified Interface for Dynamics 365, people start to find differences between the old and the new. Some differences can cause great frustration, especially when things that used to work don’t. One of the issues we came across was when a perfectly working

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    • Embedding Maps into a PowerApps Canvas App

      Isaac Stephens, 10 June 2019

      Maps are a great visual way of seeing where a location is and the area around it. This makes embedding a Map into your PowerApp an extremely useful tool. But how do you do this? And what options are there? Currently PowerApps does not let you add a Map as an OOTB control, but here is a way to add a

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    • Using Data Integration in Microsoft PowerApps

      Isaac Stephens, 21 May 2019

      Storing data in a CDS entity is a useful way to have it accessible to your PowerApps applications. This is because rather than embedding the data source directly into each of your applications you can connect multiple apps to one source. Another benefit of using CDS is that you can create a Data Int

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    • Filtering data in PowerApps using Search and Tags

      Isaac Stephens, 15 May 2019

      It is easy to search for an item in PowerApps with the built in Search() function by simply setting the Items attribute in your Gallery to Search(source, textbox.txt) as shown in the image below. However, this only looks for that exact sequence of characters/words. Sometimes you will want to search

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    • Creating a Dynamics 365 Trial Instance without any preinstalled apps

      Isaac Stephens, 29 April 2019

      Back in 2017, this blog showed you how to get a 30 day trial of dynamics 365. These trial instances of Dynamics 365 are all prebuilt applications, which may or may not be useful to your business. This blog will show you how to get a fresh instance of Dynamics 365 with no preinstalled applications. F

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    • Custom Entities in Business Process Flows for Model-Driven Apps

      Isaac Stephens, 21 January 2019

      The Issue: You may have noticed when creating Business Process Flows (BPF) in PowerApps from your own Entities that they don’t always show up in the dropdown box in the ‘create new’ wizard. This is because by default you are not able to create BPF’s from a custom Entity, you must first enable it you

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    • Working with Related Knowledge Articles in CRM 2016 Interactive Service Hub

      Isaac Stephens, 22 June 2016

      With the release of CRM 2016 we gained access to the new and improved Interactive Service Hub, designed by Microsoft to replace the old knowledgebase functionality of previous versions, as well as to provide a host of new features for CRM users who work primarily in service. Part of the new knowledg

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    • Programmatically Uploading Files to SharePoint

      Isaac Stephens, 17 June 2016

      The SharePoint .NET client API provides a few methods which developers can use to upload files to a SharePoint server. Deciding on which one to use mostly depends on whether the file is larger than 2Mb, as SharePoint doesn’t allow you to upload files above that size using certain methods. If you’re

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    • Hiding Side-bar Fields in the CRM 2016 Interactive Service Hub

      Isaac Stephens, 11 April 2016

      The CRM 2016 Interactive Service Hub has a lot of similar functionality to vanilla CRM that's presented in a new format, including the old ability to create a new record of an entity from a lookup field by clicking the '+ New' button. However, if you do this within the Interactive Service Hub, in

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    • Fixing a Broken Add Email Button for CRM 2015 Cases in Outlook Client

      Isaac Stephens, 29 February 2016

      There's a very conditional error that occurs when using both Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 and the Outlook Client 2015 to connect to it. The bug occurs when you select an existing case, go to the Add tab and click Email - nothing happens. This is interesting because the other buttons such as Phone Cal

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    • Programmatically Setting the Active Stage of Business Process Flows via Plugin

      Isaac Stephens, 15 February 2016

      Interacting with business process flows programmatically in Dynamics CRM can get a little tricky, due to some unexpected behaviour that still exists within CRM 2015. There are plenty of online resources which cover clientside programming for business process flows using javascript, which typically p

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    • Handling SDK Errors Conditionally via HResult Codes in CRM 2015

      Isaac Stephens, 28 January 2016

      While developing plugins or console apps for Dynamics CRM that leverage the XRM SDK, you might find yourself wanting to handle specific errors, such as missing permissions, inserting duplicate keys, or any of the 2681 different web service error codes documented on MSDN and within the SDK (you can f

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    • Dynamics CRM 2016 Adding Entity Components to a Solution

      Isaac Stephens, 26 January 2016

      In Dynamics 2016, you now have the option of selectively adding only certain views, charts, fields, keys, relationships, or messages to your solutions as opposed to entire entities. You don't have to do anything special to use this functionality; you're given a dialog prompt to select specific enti

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