• How to Retrieve an Owner Lookup in Dynamics 365 with the WebAPI

      Adam Murchison, 02 April 2020

      There’s an example on the WebAPI documentation of how to retrieve a related entity and their columns. As I was following this documentation to retrieve an owner lookup, I unexpectedly got an error and then did some digging to see why this failed. Once you know how to retrieve the owner of a record,

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    • How to Execute an Entity Bound Action using the Dynamics 365 Web API

      Adam Murchison, 05 February 2020

      Executing actions from the Dynamics 365 Web API is a neat feature that allows you to execute server-side code/functions from the client side. When implementing this, there are a few hurdles to overcome which can arise when using actions that are bound to an entity rather than an unbound global actio

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    • Adding a Power Automate Flow into a Power Platform Solution

      Adam Murchison, 17 January 2020

      Microsoft’s Power Automate platform is improving and there are always better ways to do tasks, with this in mind I’ve written this blog to facilitate your processes involved with Power Automate. Why add a Power Automate Flow into a solution?You should add the Power Automate Flow into a solution so t

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    • How to Correctly Deploy a Power Apps Component Framework Custom Control

      Adam Murchison, 11 December 2019

      When deploying a Custom Control, I noticed that the Custom Control was not updating from the previous version. I struggled to work out why this wasn’t overwriting the previous version of the Custom Control, so I was removing the dependencies and deleting it, then re-deploying the Custom Control each

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    • Configure Power Automate Flows for Easier Deployments

      Adam Murchison, 19 November 2019

      While creating Power Automate Flows (previously known as Microsoft Flow), I learnt a lot about deploying and constructing them efficiently and effectively. There are many ways to improve your Flow so that it runs better and it’s easier to deploy. This is how I make deployments of my flows easier usi

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    • Replicating If Statements, For Loops and Do While Loops in Microsoft Flow

      Adam Murchison, 29 October 2019

      People who know a little bit about programming may need a good starting point for understanding how Flow works and how they can replicate their programming knowledge in Flow. When first outlining a solution to a problem I break the problem down into pseudocode, a logical set of actions that I then u

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    • Using Scopes and Branches in Microsoft Flow

      Adam Murchison, 04 October 2019

      If you’ve ever made a large Microsoft Flow with multiple connectors you’ll have noticed how untidy or messy it is. A useful feature that I’ve recently found is the ‘Scope’ control which will neatly confine your methods/actions to a well-defined structure. As you can see this flow is running multiple

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    • Showing Word Template Button in Dynamics 365 Unified Interface

      Adam Murchison, 26 September 2019

      For users who aren’t System administrators and System customizers the Word Template button may not be appearing in the Unified Interface. This is because they’re missing a security role privilege and I’ve seen numerous forum posts asking why it isn’t appearing.When you click the drop down on the com

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    • A Quick Guide on using DateTime in Microsoft Flow

      Adam Murchison, 08 August 2019

      Microsoft Flow has many ways to set a DateTime and there are often strict requirements on how this is formatted for your purposes. Firstly, the most important function to know within Microsoft Flow to do with DateTime is utcNow(). We can do this by going to the ‘Expression’ tab when adding data to a

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    • How to Replicate Close Opportunity in Dynamics 365 using Alert.js

      Adam Murchison, 25 July 2019

      Dynamics 365 provides un-customizable functionality out of the box such as the Close Opportunity functionality. If you want to customize or recreate this functionality, it has been time-consuming to replicate the pop-up… until now. Introducing Alert.js 3.0, the stylish Dynamics 365 solution to help

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    • How to Trigger a Microsoft Flow from a Custom Button in Dynamics 365

      Adam Murchison, 23 July 2019

      When using Microsoft Flow the out-of-the-box button is nested under the ‘Flow’ section and is not easy to find nor is it customizable. Triggering the flow using a ‘Flow Button’ makes the button appear under the ‘Run Flow’ branch which is a nested button that is unintuitive for users. It is much nic

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    • How to Resolve Microsoft Dynamics 365 jQuery Reference Issue

      Adam Murchison, 17 June 2019

      Have you ever had an error similar to the one below? TypeError: Object expected at Alert.$ (https:/xxxx/%7B636661942030000359%7D/WebResources/mag_/js/alert.js?ver=46925777:28:5) at Alert.show (https://xxxx/%7B636661942030000359%7D/WebResources/mag_/js/alert.js?ver=46925777:60:9)Are you adding in a j

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    • Editing the DOM with Supported Dynamics 365 Custom Controls

      Adam Murchison, 29 May 2019

      Have you tried to edit/update/hack a field in Dynamics 365 so that it is styled and behaves just the way you want? Well now you can! This supported, new preview feature in Dynamics 365 uses the Custom Controls Framework to make previously unsupported customizations supported.What is an unsupported c

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    • How to Set the Entity Image on a Contact in Dynamics 365 Using C#

      Adam Murchison, 05 April 2019

      When trying to set an entity image for a contact programmatically it may seem logical that you would set it using the base64 string of an image just like you would set the ‘documentbody’ field in an annotation, but this is not the case for entity image. When deciding on an entity image for the conta

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    • Dynamics 365 Notes Display Date Instead of User Name in Chrome

      Adam Murchison, 01 June 2018

      On a record have you or another user added a note that’s ‘Created by’ field is displayed as a date time value? This is a bug with a Google Chrome update and does not happen in Internet Explorer or other browsers. The reasoning behind this is if the users last name field contains a standalone integer

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