• Ensuring all Users can see Auto-posts on the Activity Timeline

      Alfwyn Jordan, 09 March 2020

      We had a problem with our Dynamics 365 system where some users were unable to see the auto-posts that were generated by the system for the Activity Timeline on our Opportunities.User A saw this:And User B saw this:We checked the permissions granted to the users around Posts. And saw that both had th

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    • Assigning Power Apps per App Plan Licenses to Users in your Organisation

      Alfwyn Jordan, 18 February 2020

      Licensing has changed yet again. There are two license types that are of use and it depends on how many apps you’ve built. There’s the unlimited plan, and the per app plan. Visit https://powerapps.microsoft.com/en-us/pricing/ for more details. The steps to assign licenses is no longer straightforwar

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    • Modifying the Queue Command Bar in Dynamics 365

      Alfwyn Jordan, 16 October 2019

      Recently, as the Dynamics 365 administrator, I was tasked with removing the Assign button from the Queue form command bar. Easy enough, I thought. I’ll just create a solution with the Queue entity, open Ribbon Workbench and hide the button. But no, instead of being able to edit the command bar I rec

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    • Getting Dynamics 365 formContext from Ribbon Workbench

      Alfwyn Jordan, 02 October 2019

      When calling functions in your custom JavaScript file, you often need to know the context in which the Client API is interacting with your CRM. Previously Xrm.Page was used to represent a form or an item on the form. But now we have switched to using the formContext object. This we can usually get o

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    • Differences between Dynamics 365 Workflows and Microsoft Flow

      Alfwyn Jordan, 31 July 2019

      Microsoft Flow is now included with most Dynamics 365 plans. This means that when we start building background workflows for our Dynamics 365 instance we are greeted by the following message: So, what is different when you build your Flow? Triggers First off, after logging in to Flow, and choosing

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    • Logging a Power Platform ticket with Microsoft

      Alfwyn Jordan, 06 June 2019

      As a Dynamics 365 administrator, you may be familiar with requesting support from Microsoft through the Office 365 admin site as documented in an earlier blog post but now we can submit support requests through the Power Platform Admin Center. You can access the portal at https://admin.powerplatform

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    • Ensuring users can view Duplicate Records in Dynamics 365 v9

      Alfwyn Jordan, 14 May 2019

      Recently one of our Dynamics 365 clients came to us saying that some users were unable to see the results of a duplicate detection rule when entering new contacts. Instead of seeing the duplicates that had been found by the rule, an empty view like the one below was displaying:  After a bit of

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    • PowerApps -- Passing Null Values to Entities in CDS

      Alfwyn Jordan, 26 April 2019

      In the current version of PowerApps, passing null to a text field is fairly easy as you can use the function Blank(). As the document states, this only works for data sources that support null values. CDS as a data source does not currently allow this. To get around this, we need to enable an experi

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    • Importing data from Excel into the Common Data Services using Power Query

      Alfwyn Jordan, 17 April 2019

      While working with CDS I was attempting to import data to a newly created entity (“prospects”) from an Excel workbook. I’d tried using the “Get data from Excel” functionality only to be greeted with the following message: “Your import is done. 0 row(s) successfully imported to cr3e2_prospects entiti

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    • Fix Incorrectly Created Status Reasons in Dynamics 365

      Alfwyn Jordan, 10 April 2019

      You’ve accidentally deleted the default status reason of an entity and now you’re receiving an error code 0x80040353 every time you create a new record in the entity, and you want to know how to solve the issue. First, you’re going to create a new solution with just the entity involved and then you’

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    • Referencing Collection Columns in PowerApps

      Alfwyn Jordan, 08 March 2019

      When using PowerApps it is quite easy to work with and refer to individual columns in a collection. For example, if we have a collection of fruit, created using the following code:     Collect(Fruit, {ID:“1”, Type:“Apple”, Colour:“Green”}, {ID:”2”, Type:”Lemon”, Colour:”Yellow”},

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