• Navigation Pages in Xamarin Forms

      Adam Murchison, 29 March 2018

      Creating a Navigation Page Navigation pages are a simple and the most common way of ‘navigating’ between different pages within Xamarin forms. A navigation page is still a Content Page; it does not take much to allow navigation. Navigation can be used to pass through parameters to different pages. F

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    • How to Become a Xamarin Certified Professional Developer

      Jordan Hohepa, 03 November 2017

      Recently, I was fortunate enough to become a Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer by completing online courses and passing online exams via Xamarin University. At the time of writing this blog Xamarin University offers two certification pathways of ‘Xamarin Certified Mobile Professional’ and ‘Xamarin

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    • How to Hide Command Buttons in the Mobile Client for Microsoft Dynamics 365

      Satyvir Jasra, 03 October 2017

      In Microsoft Dynamics 365, we have the ability to add custom buttons in a command bar. Most of the time we also make those buttons available on Dynamics 365 Mobile clients. However, the mobile client has some limitations and not all functionalities are available that are on web client. Therefore, so

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    • How to Register Xamarin.Forms App with Azure Active Directory and Dynamics 365

      Dominic Jarvis, 21 September 2017

      Registering your app with Azure Active Directory can be incredibly useful for authenticating with services such as Microsoft Dynamics 365. A registered app can request an authentication token with which they can access the Dynamics CRM web API – given they have the correct permissions. The process f

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    • Tips for Your Xamarin.Forms Dynamics CRM App

      Dominic Jarvis, 19 September 2017

      Having recently created a custom app that integrates with Dynamics CRM, I came across a few issues that took me a while to resolve. This post I’m sharing some of the workarounds I have for those issues. Async, Async, Async… When working with the mobile SDK, one of the things you’ll find is that alm

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