• Logging a Power Platform ticket with Microsoft

      Alfwyn Jordan, 06 June 2019

      As a Dynamics 365 administrator, you may be familiar with requesting support from Microsoft through the Office 365 admin site as documented in an earlier blog post but now we can submit support requests through the Power Platform Admin Center. You can access the portal at https://admin.powerplatform

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    • How to Resolve the Dynamics 365 App for Outlook Loading Error on Outlook

      Harshani Perera, 05 June 2019

      This blog will show you how to resolve the following error when using the Dynamics 365 App for Outlook: “We can’t load this app because your email account isn’t configured with Dynamics 365 server-side sync for appointments, contacts, and tasks. Ask your system administrator to set up server-side sy

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    • Voice of the Customer and CRM

      John Eccles, 04 June 2019

      Voice of the Customer (VoC) is not a new concept.  It’s the marketing concept re-badged - the philosophy that firms should analyze the needs of their customers and then make decisions to satisfy those needs, better than the competition. It's the same, but it’s also different because we live in

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    • Activating a workflow that is owned by a disabled user in Dynamics 365

      Ronelle Raath, 31 May 2019

      Recently, while attempting to Activate a draft workflow, I received an Access Error which stated that my User record or Business Unit had been disabled. While activating the workflow, the User account I was performing the action with had the System Administrator role, so I decided to investigate why

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    • IT for High-Growth Companies

      John Eccles, 30 May 2019

      IT systems can be growth drivers or growth inhibitors.  Information Technology should be scaleable and adaptable as well as enabling growth strategies. We’ll examine key features of IT systems consistent with the needs of high-growth companies. Cloud Fast, flexible and cost-effective means clou

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    • Editing the DOM with Supported Dynamics 365 Custom Controls

      Adam Murchison, 29 May 2019

      Have you tried to edit/update/hack a field in Dynamics 365 so that it is styled and behaves just the way you want? Well now you can! This supported, new preview feature in Dynamics 365 uses the Custom Controls Framework to make previously unsupported customizations supported.What is an unsupported c

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    • How to Import a PowerApp Package

      Colin Maitland, 28 May 2019

      PowerApps can be exported as a package from one environment and then imported into another environment. In this article, I will demonstrate how to import a PowerApp package. This demonstration uses a simple ‘Leave Requests’ PowerApp that connects to Microsoft Dynamics 365. A Plan 1 or Plan 2 licence

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    • How to Know When to Stop Investing in Legacy Systems

      Ryan Ingram, 27 May 2019

      From the early 90’s to 2000’s we saw the emergence of accessible technology which started to connect and streamline paper-based or manual systems. We are now entering another wave of core technology advancement that can streamline business processes, increase sales, increase productivity and easily

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    • Why I Love the New Microsoft Dynamics 365 V9 Unified Interface and You will too

      Harshani Perera, 24 May 2019

      I'm usually resistant to change due to the fact that I may take longer than others to learn new things so I prefer to stick with my familiar ways. It’s easier and faster to work with what you already know and are familiar with, right? If a new system or an app takes me a long time to figure out, mos

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    • Context Transition when Using CALCULATE Function in Power BI

      Colin Maitland, 23 May 2019

      When writing and testing DAX formulas, it is important to understand the Evaluation Context in effect for each part of the formula; i.e. Row Context and Filter Context. The purpose of the DAX CALCULATE function is to modify the Evaluation Context of an expression. In this article, I will demonstrate

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    • How to Sort Multiple Sets of Age Groups in Power BI

      Colin Maitland, 22 May 2019

      In this article, I will describe how to configure sorting for an Age Group dimension in Power BI that has multiple sets of Age Groups for the same age ranges. The example discussed in this article is based on aggregating Referrals stored in Dynamics 365 by Age Group. The Power BI Data Model has an

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    • Features of Email Marketing with ClickDimensions

      Sarah Coleman, 21 May 2019

      ClickDimensions Email Marketing contains some great features which allow marketers to create effective emails and complex campaigns. At the time of writing this blog, the components outlined below are not yet available in Dynamics 365 for Marketing.Split (A/B) testingThis feature enables marketers t

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    • Using Data Integration in Microsoft PowerApps

      Isaac Stephens, 21 May 2019

      Storing data in a CDS entity is a useful way to have it accessible to your PowerApps applications. This is because rather than embedding the data source directly into each of your applications you can connect multiple apps to one source. Another benefit of using CDS is that you can create a Data Int

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    • Dynamics 365 Currency Configuration for Price List Items

      Colin Maitland, 20 May 2019

      In Dynamics 365 several Pricing Methods may be used for the configuration of Price List Items. These are Currency Amount, Percent of List, Percent Markup and Percent Margin. The Percent Markup and Percent Margin Pricing Methods may be proportional to either the Current Cost or the Standard Cost of t

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    • Fields not Appearing for OOTB Merge Button in Dynamics 365

      Ronelle Raath, 17 May 2019

      In Dynamics 365 v9 you are able to merge two records together using the Out-Of-The-Box (OOTB) Merge Button. The Merge Button appears when you select up to two records in a View and allows the data of two records to be merged into one. The Merge button will appear in the ribbon. When selecting the M

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