• Merging Documents Core Pack Generated Documents in Dynamics 365

      Sean Roque, 30 September 2019

      Documents Core Pack comes with a useful “Create Document” button in enabled entities, where a pre-created template can be populated with data pulled from the fields on a Dynamics 365 record and its related records. When creating the template, conditional fields can even be inserted, which is a conta

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    • New uses-feature manifest element in PowerApps Component Framework Controls

      Jared Johnson, 27 September 2019

      Earlier this month, a previously built PCF control that utilised WebAPI to retrieve records stopped working with the following error: “Feature 'WebAPI.retrieveMultipleRecords' is required to be specified in the <uses-feature> section in ControlManifest.xml before use.”Checking the PowerApps co

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    • Showing Word Template Button in Dynamics 365 Unified Interface

      Adam Murchison, 26 September 2019

      For users who aren’t System administrators and System customizers the Word Template button may not be appearing in the Unified Interface. This is because they’re missing a security role privilege and I’ve seen numerous forum posts asking why it isn’t appearing.When you click the drop down on the com

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    • Enabling Users for Merge Functionality in Dynamics 365

      Sean Roque, 25 September 2019

      The merge functionality in Dynamics 365 allows users to combine any two records of the Account, Contact, Lead and Case entities where the fields from one record will carry over to the Master record and become deactivated. This is useful especially in cases of unexpected duplicate records.When creati

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    • Creating a Form Processor in the Power Platform AI Builder (Part 1)

      Isaac Stephens, 24 September 2019

      Recently, A.I. has become even more accessible with the Power Platform using the A.I. Builder functionality. Microsoft have given us four powerful templates to use to create our own models; Binary Classification, Form Processing, Object Detection and Text Classification. This blog will be the first

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    • Quickly Switch between the Classic Mode and the Unified Interface in Dynamics 365

      Harshani Perera, 23 September 2019

      Currently both the Classic Mode and the Unified Interface (UI) of Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be used however the Classic Mode is going to be deprecated by Microsoft soon. If you are still using the Classic mode but you would like to take a quick peak at the new UI, there is a quick and easy way to m

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    • Updating Data on Inactive Records in Dynamics 365

      Jordan Hohepa, 20 September 2019

      I recently found a problem where I was able to edit the data of an inactive record in Dynamics 365. This is because there is logic that unlocks these fields on load of the form. The screenshot above shows a record that is Inactive which would normally mean that it cannot be edited. The screenshot be

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    • Object Recognition using the Microsoft PowerApps AI Builder

      Harshani Perera, 19 September 2019

      What comes to your mind when you hear Artificial Intelligence? A whole bunch of Hollywood films? Something for coders to figure out? Something too expensive to implement? Too complicated or just out of reach?This is no longer the case with Microsoft’s new AI Builder. The AI Builder easily allows us

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    • How to submit a Microsoft Support Ticket to get a faster response

      Harshani Perera, 18 September 2019

      While using Dynamics 365, you could come across issues that may be due to application errors/limitations and require investigation by Microsoft. In these situations, you can submit a support ticket with Microsoft, and they will investigate the issue.When logging a support ticket, you should try to s

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    • How to display the Parent Customer Name on a Gallery or Form in a Canvas PowerApp

      Colin Maitland, 17 September 2019

      In this article, I demonstrate how to display the name of the parent Customer for a Contact on a Gallery or Form in a Canvas PowerApp.The App used for this example is connected to the underlying Contacts and Accounts entities in Dynamics 365 using the Common Data Source (CDS) Connector.In Microsoft

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    • A Best Practice Use of Formatting, Variables and Comments in Power BI DAX Expressions

      Colin Maitland, 16 September 2019

      In this article I demonstrate a best practice for the writing of a Data Analysis Expression (DAX) in Power BI regarding the use of formatting, variables and comments.The formula used for my demonstration adds a calculated field named Is Supporter to a table named Supporter. This is a table of merged

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    • Setting Values in Dynamics 365 Portals using Entity Metadata

      Jordan Hohepa, 13 September 2019

      With Dynamics 365 Portals you can add Entity Web Forms which are the Portals’ way of displaying Dynamics 365 CRM Forms, allowing Portal Users to Create, View and Update records in Dynamics 365. The screenshot is an example of a Web Form that shows a simple Lead form to collect information about the

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    • Using the Business Card Reader Custom Control in Dynamics 365

      Jordan Hohepa, 11 September 2019

      Recently it has been announced that there will be a wave of new Artificial Intelligence features being added to Microsoft PowerApps. The AI based features will be simple to add pieces of functionality that can do things like process a form or recognise objects in a picture. This blog covers the ‘Bus

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    • How to update Dynamics 365 Option Set controls in a CDS Canvas PowerApp

      Colin Maitland, 10 September 2019

      In my previous articles, I have demonstrated how to set the default values for Lookup and Option Set field bound combo box controls in a Canvas Power App connected to a Leave Requests entity via the Common Data Service. In this article I demonstrate how an Option Set field bound combo box control ca

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    • How to use Parameters in Power Query in Power BI

      Colin Maitland, 09 September 2019

      In my previous article I demonstrated how to use Connection Parameters in Power BI for the configuration of the Source step in Power Queries used to load data from Dynamics 365 (Online). In this article I will demonstrate how to use Parameters in Power Query.The following image shows the first three

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