• Setting up views for more usable lookups in the Dynamics 365 Unified Interface

      Jared Johnson, 09 August 2019

      When setting up lookups in the Unified Interface, you may notice that it can show results like these below where it is only showing the entity icon or showing data that is not the name. This is because the Unified Interface lookups use the columns on the view in order, the second view pictured above

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    • Binding to Address Fields in a PCF Control

      Jared Johnson, 04 July 2019

      Recently I was working on a custom control where I wanted it to have outputs that were bound to the address fields on a contact or account. However even though I had the type set to SingleLine.Text, none of the address fields appeared in the list of fields when selecting which field to bind to. Acco

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    • Gotchas with the PCF Custom Control Sandbox

      Jared Johnson, 28 June 2019

      When creating a custom control, I had a couple of gotchas when debugging in the Custom Control sandbox which were not an issue when the control was deployed into Dynamics 365. The first issue was with inputs and typing. Because custom controls are built using typescript the type of the inputs will b

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    • Stopping Azure WebJobs easily with Configuration Settings

      Jared Johnson, 12 June 2019

      If you have a lot of WebJobs, you may be wanting an easier way to start and stop them without having to push the start/stop button on all of them, or worse for scheduled jobs since you cannot do that with a button press from the UI. There is however an easier way to do this via Application Settings

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    • Bookmarklet to open a record in the Classic Web Client

      Jared Johnson, 03 May 2019

      If you have set the Unified Interface Client as the default (details on how to do this are here) you may want to quickly open a record in the classic Web Client. For instance, you may want to access the Background or Realtime processes sessions for a record and these are not currently viewable in th

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    • Using Firefox Multi-Account Containers with Dynamics 365

      Jared Johnson, 04 March 2019

      One annoyance I often run into is having to be logged into multiple Dynamics 365 systems at the same time or wanting to be logged in as different users into the same system. This tends to result in having half a dozen different browser instances open which can become a mess. This is where the Multi

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    • Triggering Plugins on Update of Multi-Select Option Set in Dynamics 365

      Jared Johnson, 18 February 2019

      Dynamics 365 Version 9 added a largely-requested feature: Multi-select Option Set. While they are supported by most of the functionality of Dynamics 365 now, you will find that when you go to register a plugin step with a Multi-select Option Set as one of the Filtering Attributes or add one to a Pre

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    • New PowerApps View Editor for CDS Model Driven Apps and Dynamics 365

      Jared Johnson, 14 February 2019

      With the addition of solutions for Model Driven apps in PowerApps, we are getting replacements for many of the old editors that have barely been updated since CRM 2011 or earlier including the solution editor, form editor and view editor. Funnily enough this is the second time a new view editor has

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    • Dynamics 365 V9.1 Enable Unified Interface UI Updates on Upgraded Organizations

      Jared Johnson, 27 November 2018

      As of the 9.1 Update to Dynamics 365, as described here, Microsoft have updated the Unified Interface’s UI with big improvements to the Sitemap and Command bar. While this will show by default in new trials and organizations, existing systems that get upgraded will still use the older UI. While in

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    • Using the Power Platform Analytics to Manage Storage Usage for Dynamics 365

      Jared Johnson, 12 November 2018

      With the recent updates to the Power Platform Admin center, we now have a new way to check out what the statistics of what is using the storage in Dynamics 365. To get there you can either go directly to https://admin.powerplatform.microsoft.com, or click no the Try the new Admin center link from

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    • Dynamics 365 Error Adding Product Bundles After Upgrade to Version 9

      Jared Johnson, 06 November 2018

      After doing a test upgrade of an 8.2 instance to Version 9, we received an error when adding product bundles to an opportunity where the bundle had existed in 8.2. When adding a bundle from the grid it would return an error with the code - 2147206380. And from the Opportunity Product form it would

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    • Using fetchXml with Xrm.WebApi.retrieveMultipleRecords in Dynamics 365 V9

      Jared Johnson, 12 July 2018

      Dynamics 365 V9 includes the new Xrm.WebApi helpers that allow you to access the Dynamics 365 Web API without having to create your own requests. The Xrm.WebApi.retrieveMultipleRecords method allows you to easily retrieve records, but the examples on MSDN only demonstrate how to use this using the O

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    • Dynamics 365 Detect Unified Interface from JavaScript

      Jared Johnson, 05 June 2018

      With the introduction of the new Unified Interface in Dynamics 365, you may want to be able to detect if the current form is being rendered in the Unified Interface or not in JavaScript. It is possible to do this with an internal function: Xrm.Internal.isUci(). This function will return true if call

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    • Preventing Duplicate Email Signatures in Workflows in Dynamics 365

      Jared Johnson, 03 May 2018

      When generating emails automatically in Workflows, you often will want to include a signature. It is possible to retrieve the Email Signature entity in a Custom Workflow activity and return the HTML which can be added into the email. While this will appear to work fine if the email is also sent in t

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    • Triggering Scheduled Azure WebJobs via a Dynamics 365 Web Hook

      Jared Johnson, 06 April 2018

      Web Hooks were introduced in Dynamics 365 V9. In the documentation for Web hooks, it is recommended to use them with Azure Functions, but what if you have existing Azure WebJobs? For example, WebJobs that are designed as a scheduled service to run complex rollup calculations on recently updated reco

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