• How to set the Default Value for a Dynamics 365 Lookup Control in a Canvas PowerApp

      Colin Maitland, 20 August 2019

      In this article, I demonstrate how easy it is to set the default value for a ComboBox control associated with a Dynamics 365 Lookup field in a Canvas PowerApp.The demonstration application is a sample ‘Leave Requests’ Canvas PowerApp. The app uses the Common Data Service (CDS) connector to access a

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    • Prevent Cases from Closing on Condition in Dynamics 365

      Sean Roque, 19 August 2019

      Users can close cases by clicking the Resolve Case button provided in the ribbon. In situations where you want to aid your Users by helping them make sure they process data correctly; this method comes in handy. Not only can this make their work easier, it also avoids incorrect handling of cases, an

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    • Evaluating Members in Marketing Lists using Advanced Find in Dynamics 365

      Megha Kainth, 16 August 2019

      There are times when you want to add or remove members in your Marketing List. In Dynamics 365 Unified Interface version 9.0, you can use the Manage Members functionality to evaluate members. In this blog, I will show you how you can do this.  Go to Marketing List and Open the record that you

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    • Setting up a Trial Environment in Dynamics 365 App for Outlook and Exchange

      Sean Roque, 15 August 2019

      Often when making Email Configurations and changes to Dynamics 365 App for Outlook, we want to be able to test these before applying them to avoid issues and ensure correctness. This guide is a quick tutorial to setup a trial environment for Dynamics 365 App for Outlook, so we can test all those qui

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    • Setting up views for more usable lookups in the Dynamics 365 Unified Interface

      Jared Johnson, 09 August 2019

      When setting up lookups in the Unified Interface, you may notice that it can show results like these below where it is only showing the entity icon or showing data that is not the name. This is because the Unified Interface lookups use the columns on the view in order, the second view pictured above

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    • Creating a new PowerApps Portal integrated with Dynamics 365

      Jordan Hohepa, 02 August 2019

      Over the past few months Microsoft have talked about a new App Type in PowerApps which is called the PowerApps Portal. This will allow organizations to create a website, similar to the currently available Dynamics 365 Portal, which will allow External Users to interact with the organizations systems

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    • Differences between Dynamics 365 Workflows and Microsoft Flow

      Alfwyn Jordan, 31 July 2019

      Microsoft Flow is now included with most Dynamics 365 plans. This means that when we start building background workflows for our Dynamics 365 instance we are greeted by the following message: So, what is different when you build your Flow? Triggers First off, after logging in to Flow, and choosing

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    • Creating Entity Specific Interactive Dashboards in the Unified Interface

      Sarah Coleman, 30 July 2019

      There are several entity-specific dashboards included in the Sales and Customer Service hubs in the unified interface; you’ll find them on records like accounts, leads, opportunities and cases.  But if these don’t meet your requirements, it is straightforward to create your own – either for cus

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    • How to Display More Than One Entity List on a Power Platform Portal

      Satyvir Jasra, 29 July 2019

      With Power Platform Portals we can provide users a personalized experience from a website. We can integrate Portals with Dynamics 365 and show the data to the Portal users without them having to sign into Dynamics 365. For example, we can show the data in Dynamics 365 views using ‘Entity Lists’ on

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    • Autonumbering in Dynamics 365 CRM v9 with the new PowerApps Feature

      Jordan Hohepa, 26 July 2019

      With Dynamics 365 there has sometimes been a need to have some sort of autonumbering field on specific Entities. Autonumbering has been available out of the box for a limited number of Entities and the setting for this is available via Settings -> Administration -> Autonumbering. The screensho

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    • How to Replicate Close Opportunity in Dynamics 365 using Alert.js

      Adam Murchison, 25 July 2019

      Dynamics 365 provides un-customizable functionality out of the box such as the Close Opportunity functionality. If you want to customize or recreate this functionality, it has been time-consuming to replicate the pop-up… until now. Introducing Alert.js 3.0, the stylish Dynamics 365 solution to help

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    • Using the SolutionPackager tool with Dynamics 365

      Isaac Stephens, 24 July 2019

      When you export a solution, you are given a Zip folder containing 3 XML files. These 3 files contain all the information needed to build your solution. But this isn’t exactly human friendly as all of your entities are jammed into one file called ‘Customizations.xml’. But Microsoft have our backs her

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