• Windows 8 App Development – Using the Credential Locker

      Jared Johnson, 10 June 2013

      If you need to store usernames and passwords for your Windows 8 app, Windows 8 has a great new feature to make this easier – the Credential Locker. The Credential Locker stores user information encrypted, and is only available to be accessed on a per app baises: If your app saves a password to

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    • Windows 8 App – Using DataTemplateSelector to Select FlipView Template

      Jared Johnson, 13 May 2013

      While working on a Windows 8 Xaml and C# app, I was using a FlipView control to display data, however I wanted the layout of each item to change with the data displayed. To achieve this I used the DataTemplateSelector class which will switch between predefined templates. To use the DataTemplateSe

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    • How To Toggle Tab Visibility Based On Another Tab

      Jared Johnson, 01 December 2012

      When customizing a form in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 I had a requirement to have a tab appear to actually be a part of the tab above it. This is easy to achieve visually by hiding the label but this façade quickly disintegrates once you close the first tab. To have the second tab open and c

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    • ClickDimensions - How to create a contact form

      Jared Johnson, 29 August 2012

      Before you begin to create the contact form, you must create the fields on the form that you will require. To do this, click on Form Fields in the ClickDimensions section under the Settings CRM tab and click new.   This will give you 3 fields to fill out, the Name of the field, the Form Field

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    • Sitefinity – Detecting if a page is in design mode

      Jared Johnson, 16 August 2012

      When creating custom controls for Sitefinity, it can be very useful to be able to detect if the page the control is on is in Design view. This can be useful for adding extra functionality for setting up your controls options for page designers, or to avoid displaying content that would get in the wa

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    • Sitefinity 5 – Events Calendar

      Jared Johnson, 14 June 2012

      In Sitefinity version 3 there was included an Events Calendar widget. However it was not included in Sitefinity 4 onwards.  Here is how you can recreate the Events Calendar in Sitefinity 5. Sitefinity 3.7 Events Calendar  Create a web user control called EventsCalendar. In EventsCalendar

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    • Preventing Windows Azure Subscriptions from being disabled due to reaching spending limit

      Jared Johnson, 16 May 2012

      Last month we had our Sitefinity site on Azure go completely down. On checking the Azure management portal, we found that not only was the subscription disabled but our deployment had been deleted! It turns out that the spending limit had not been disabled on the subscription we were using, so onc

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    • Enabling HTTP compression in a Sitefinity website running on Windows Azure

      Jared Johnson, 09 May 2012

      Sitefinity websites can contain a large amount of JavaScript files, possibly up to a megabyte. Thus enabling HTTP compression can significantly increase the performance of your website.    YSlow stats of a Sitefinity page with a lot of JavaScript. To enable HTTP compression first add this

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    • Telerik RadCaptcha in Windows Azure using Windows Azure Caching

      Jared Johnson, 23 April 2012

      After migrating a Sitefinity site that was using Telerik’s RadCaptcha to Azure, I noticed that occasionally the captcha just displayed a grey box. This was because by default the captcha image is stored in the server cache, but with multiple instances in Azure the server the browser is connect

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    • Preventing Row not found error in Sitefinity on Windows Azure

      Jared Johnson, 19 April 2012

      When editing pages and content in the backend on a Sitefinity website deployed on Windows Azure, I would occasionally get nasty looking errors that read something like this in one of Sitefinity’s popup boxes: “Row not found: GenericOID@r2j33174 SecurityRoot id=950d7b35-46je-4p56-75f5-7cd

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    • MS Communities – Managing a User Group Part 1

      Jared Johnson, 24 February 2012

      Each MS Communities user group has its own management page. On this page a group admin can do things such as change the group name and image, manage group members and forums. To access the management page you must be logged and be a group admin. When logged in a “Manage Group” link will

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    • MS Communities – Managing a User Group Part 2

      Jared Johnson, 01 March 2012

      In part one of this blog I described the use of the first two tabs of the User Group management interface – General and Members, now I will introduce the remaining two tabs – Roles and Forums. The roles tab is where you can manage who is on the list of group admins. Group admins as

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    • Sitefinity Migration from 3.7 to 4.4 My Experience

      Jared Johnson, 11 March 2012

      The migration tool is quite effective at converting all the pages and templates and then migrating all the content modules such as events and blogs. It however could not deal with an image library that contained over 2000 images, until it was broken up into smaller pieces. On the pages themselves t

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    • Three tips for working with Kentico CMS

      Jared Johnson, 23 November 2011

      Recently I have been editing a website created using Kentico CMS. While powerful it is often quite hard to find information about achieving certain tasks on the web, leaving you with only the official documentation. To help with this here are 3 things I learnt how to do in Kentico CMS. 1.  How

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    • MS Communities – Adding/Editing Group Events

      Jared Johnson, 21 December 2011

      The events feature of a user group allows you to create events for your users that they can register for. The events from the entire set of user groups are displayed on the main events page here on a calendar.  Each user group however has their own events page that displays only their events; i

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