• Dynamics 365 V9 Contact Records Not Opening from All Contacts View

      Jared Johnson, 15 March 2018

      In the Dynamics 365 V9 update there is a new view for Contacts – the “All Contacts” view. However, attempting to open existing contacts from this view only results in the new contact form opening instead. If we look at the FetchXml for this view we can see that this view is missing the contactid att

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    • Workaround with Report Authoring Extension Connection Issues with Dynamics 365 V9

      Jared Johnson, 09 March 2018

      Now that Microsoft are enforcing TLS1.2 for Dynamics 365 V9, a bunch of older tools will no longer be able to connect to CRM. This currently also includes the Report Authoring Extension for SQL Server Data Tools that allows creating FetchXml reports, as there has been no new version released for V9

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    • Dynamics 365 V9 - SharePoint Integration Now Displays Folders Again

      Jared Johnson, 07 February 2018

      With the release of the Server-side Sync SharePoint integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013, one of the features that did not carry over from the list component was displaying of SharePoint folders. If a document folder contained say 4 folders each with its own documents, in the Documents area

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    • Dynamics 365 V9 JavaScript Web Resource Dependencies

      Jared Johnson, 05 February 2018

      Prior to the V9 update to Microsoft Dynamics 365, if a JavaScript Web Resource was dependent on another, both had to be added to the forms scripts or on a ribbon button command in the correct order.  Forgetting to add a required JavaScript library to the form was one of the most common errors f

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    • Bookmarklet to Open New View Editor from a Solution in Dynamics 365 v9

      Jared Johnson, 10 January 2018

      One of the most welcome new features in Dynamics 365 Version 9 is the new view editor, which has improvements over the old view editor such as being able to add and reorder fields via drag and drop. However, it is only available inside the App Editor, which means if you try and edit a view within a

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    • How to Use C# 7 Value Tuples in ASP.NET MVC

      Jared Johnson, 10 October 2017

      With the release of Visual Studio 2017, I wanted to use the new Value Tuples that were introduced in C# 7 in a MVC project I was working on. However, I ran into some issues which I discuss below. Firstly, Value Tuples are included with .Net 4.7, but if the project’s target framework is lower than th

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    • Dynamics 365 Bookmarklet to Test CRM for Tablets

      Jared Johnson, 14 July 2017

      When doing CRM customisations, you might want to quickly check out how your changes have also affected the CRM for Tablets/Phones app (MOCA). To achieve this I have created a bookmarklet that that can open the tablet app in the browser.To add the bookmarklet, create a new bookmark and set the URL to

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    • Preventing Idle Timeout in Triggered Azure WebJobs Jobs

      Jared Johnson, 15 May 2017

      After setting up a Triggered Azure WebJob, you may run into the confusing error message in the logs after running it of “…aborted due to no output and CPU activity for 121 seconds. You may increase SCM_COMMAND_IDLE_TIMEOUT setting to solve the issue”. This is confusing as the SCM_COMMAND_IDLE_TIMEO

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    • Resolving Cryptography issues with the Dynamics CRM SDK in Azure Web Apps

      Jared Johnson, 18 December 2015

      When attempting to run applications that use the Dynamics CRM SDK in Azure Web Apps, you can get an exception when the app is trying to connect to CRM that looks like this: “ERROR: System.Security.Cryptography.CryptographicException: The data protection operation was unsuccessful. This may have been

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    • Subgrid Visual Errors when Hiding a Tab or Section in Dynamics CRM 2013-2015

      Jared Johnson, 21 July 2015

      During an upgrade from a CRM 2011 system to CRM 2015, testers reported that some subgrids in the system were occasionally having strange visual errors where the buttons were being pushed down into where the field labels were displayed, and if the subgrid was in a labelled section the section name wo

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    • Microsoft Azure API App Invalid Swagger error

      Jared Johnson, 02 June 2015

      In trying out the new Azure API apps by converting an existing ASP.NET Web API, you can run into this error as soon as you publish your API to azure for the first time and check out the API definition blade: Trying to add the API as an Azure App client can get you nicer errors like: "Found operat

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    • setSubmitMode always not submitting for some users

      Jared Johnson, 09 December 2014

      While onsite at a client I received a support request that a user could not update certain values on an entity. These fields were read only fields that were set by JavaScript by changing the values of other fields. On create of a new record the user reported that the values would save successfully,

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    • Download Microsoft Azure Cloud Service Package files

      Jared Johnson, 10 November 2014

      With an existing Cloud Service in Microsoft Azure there may be times where you want to take a backup of the current Service or to deploy a copy to another Azure subscription, but you do not have access to the original package used to create the Service. Luckily there is a way to retrieve the package

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    • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Left Navigation Solution

      Jared Johnson, 13 October 2014

      Last year we created the Dynamics CRM 2013 Left Navigation. This changed the new navigation that came with Dynamics CRM 2013 to return to a vertical layout, including a scrollbar and also being more “sticky”. We’ve made couple of improvements, you can now install this as a solution

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    • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 – Set Dashboards to be available for Mobile Users

      Jared Johnson, 12 October 2014

      Currently in Dynamics CRM 2013 using the CRM for tablets app, the only dashboard that is available to view in the app is the Sales Dashboard, which was a special dashboard introduced with the release of the CRM for Tablets app. Now however with Dynamics CRM 2015 and enhancements to the Dynamics CR

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