• Microsoft Social Listening – Create a Search Query

      Jared Johnson, 23 September 2014

      One of the most useful features of Microsoft’s new Social Listening product is the ability to generate a search query. This lets you retrieve mentions of your chosen topic from blogs, facebook posts, twitter posts and news articles and then pull them in to perform analysis on. To create a new

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    • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Field Security Profile Changes

      Jared Johnson, 21 September 2014

      One of the big limitations of Field Security in previous versions of Dynamics CRM was that it was only available on custom fields and not on out of the box fields. In Dynamics CRM 2015 however Field Security can now be enabled on most out of the box fields, with only certain system fields such as th

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    • Dynamics CRM 2013 Resurrecting the Form Properties Window with Bookmarklet

      Jared Johnson, 03 August 2014

      In the redesign of the UI for forms in CRM 2013, one of the useful features that was lost was the Form Properties window. This window would give the Created On date, Created By, Last Modified date and Modified By which was very useful if these fields were not displayed on the form. It would also dis

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    • Dynamics CRM - Secret to not having Misaligned Columns from addCustomView

      Jared Johnson, 20 July 2014

      In Dynamics CRM there is often a requirement to create filters for lookups and subgrids based on values from CRM or from user input. Many of these can be achieved with out of the box CRM Customisations, however some requirements will need to use JavaScript functions. A common way to do this is the

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    • Dynamics CRM On-premise Sandbox Instances

      Jared Johnson, 22 June 2014

      This year new functionality was added to Dynamics CRM Online called Sandbox instances. This added administration features around creating test instances, and also had a nice effect of changing the colour of the navigation to orange and displaying SANDBOX at the top of the screen. This insures users

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    • Bookmarklets to aid Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Development

      Jared Johnson, 14 May 2014

      The release of Dynamics CRM 2013 brought a lot of interface improvements over CRM 2011; however it also made some things a little more annoying for developers. Fortunately some of these can be solved by creating bookmarklets. One task that is made more difficult by the flat interface of CRM 2013 is

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    • Windows Azure – Authentication Failure Exception connecting to CRM Online

      Jared Johnson, 16 January 2014

      In testing of our new launched Tech Doc Generator, we encountered an issue connecting to our own CRM Online instance which has not yet been transitioned to Office 365. This only started to occur once it was deployed to Windows Azure. When the application tried to connect to CRM it would return a Sys

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    • CRM 2013 Mobile App Customising What Entities are Enabled

      Jared Johnson, 29 October 2013

      The CRM 2013 Mobile app by default displays the following entities: Read/Write:   •  Account   •  Contact   •  Lead   •  Opportunity   •  Opportunity Product   •  Notes   •  Competitor   &b

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    • CRM 2013 Left Navigation Greasemonkey Script

      Jared Johnson, 08 October 2013

      Note: This is now available in a managed solution, click here for more information. In my previous blog, I showed how to transform the new horizontal top Navigation in CRM 2013, to a vertical left navigation. However the method described only worked for On Premise deployments and also affected all

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    • Dynamics CRM 2013 - Turn Top Horizontal Navigation into Left Vertical Navigation

      Jared Johnson, 06 September 2013

      Note: This is now available in a managed solution, click here for more information. In the new CRM 2013 release, one of the big changes was the removal of the left hand navigation, replaced with a touch focused, auto-hiding menu bar at the top of the screen. This menu is designed for wide screen mo

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    • Dynamics CRM 2011 – Prevent Header Web resource disappearing

      Jared Johnson, 11 July 2013

      On a Dynamics CRM project we had a requirement to show a simple static html page in the header of a contact form. We achieved this by adding the html page as a web resource to CRM and then using the insert web resource button to insert the page into the header. Pre Rollup 12 this worked fine, howeve

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    • Windows 8 App Development – Using the Credential Locker

      Jared Johnson, 10 June 2013

      If you need to store usernames and passwords for your Windows 8 app, Windows 8 has a great new feature to make this easier – the Credential Locker. The Credential Locker stores user information encrypted, and is only available to be accessed on a per app baises: If your app saves a password to

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    • Windows 8 App – Using DataTemplateSelector to Select FlipView Template

      Jared Johnson, 13 May 2013

      While working on a Windows 8 Xaml and C# app, I was using a FlipView control to display data, however I wanted the layout of each item to change with the data displayed. To achieve this I used the DataTemplateSelector class which will switch between predefined templates. To use the DataTemplateSe

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    • How To Toggle Tab Visibility Based On Another Tab

      Jared Johnson, 01 December 2012

      When customizing a form in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 I had a requirement to have a tab appear to actually be a part of the tab above it. This is easy to achieve visually by hiding the label but this façade quickly disintegrates once you close the first tab. To have the second tab open and c

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    • ClickDimensions - How to create a contact form

      Jared Johnson, 29 August 2012

      Before you begin to create the contact form, you must create the fields on the form that you will require. To do this, click on Form Fields in the ClickDimensions section under the Settings CRM tab and click new.   This will give you 3 fields to fill out, the Name of the field, the Form Field

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