• Entity Priority for Email Tracking in Dynamics 365

      Adam Murchison, 08 April 2020

      When a user is tracking an email through Outlook using the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Outlook Application or Dynamics 365 app for Outlook, the From field is linked to a record in CRM if it exists. If there is no record that exists linked to the given email address, then CRM will create a new record.

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    • The Tech Powering our Support Contracts and Helpdesk

      Gayan Perera, 07 April 2020

      A bit of background before we get into the nitty gritting. When we started Magnetism, we wanted to operate our support contracts differently to the existing providers in the market. The existing players all provided support contracts the way insurance companies provide insurance. E.g. you pay month

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    • Looking into the Future with Microsoft Power BI's Forecasting Feature

      Ronelle Raath, 06 April 2020

      Data is the foundation to any business and one of its most valuable assets. Knowing and understanding your data well can help improve your business through management and growth. Now with Microsoft Power BI you can even predict the future using its awesome forecasting feature! Knowing the future can

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    • ​​Toggling the New button in Inline Lookups in Dynamics 365​

      Jared Johnson, 03 April 2020

      Recently on a comment on one of my blog posts, I was asked why some lookups did not have a new record button while other lookups to the same entity did. An example is the Primary Customer lookup on case, it only allows selecting existing Contacts.This setting is controlled by the IsInlineNewEnabled

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    • How to Retrieve an Owner Lookup in Dynamics 365 with the WebAPI

      Adam Murchison, 02 April 2020

      There’s an example on the WebAPI documentation of how to retrieve a related entity and their columns. As I was following this documentation to retrieve an owner lookup, I unexpectedly got an error and then did some digging to see why this failed. Once you know how to retrieve the owner of a record,

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    • Easily Create a Business Card Scanner using Microsoft Power Apps and Save to SharePoint

      Harshani Perera, 01 April 2020

      With Microsoft’s new AI Builder, it’s very easy to add intelligence into your business applications without writing any code. At the time of writing this, the AI Builder is only available for USA and Europe environments and is currently in Preview. The Business Card Reader component in AI Builder ca

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    • Creating and Linking Existing Azure AD B2C Tenants

      Jordan Hohepa, 12 March 2020

      We recently used an identity management service called Azure AD B2C to handle how Users would Sign Up and Sign In to a web application. Azure AD B2C enabled us to customize how the User would log into our website, including the look and feel, allowing us to integrate it seamlessly into our existing

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    • Dynamics 365 Migrating Power Automate Flows

      Nick Chin, 11 March 2020

      If you have multiple Dynamics 365 environments e.g. Dev, Test, UAT and Production then you may need to migrate Power Automate Flows.There are two ways to import Power Automate Flows into an environment; using a Package (Package.zip) or using a Solution.Package (Package.zip) You can export and import

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    • Unable to edit record in Dynamics 365 Unified Interface

      Zoe Sands, 10 March 2020

      While upgrading a client from the Dynamics 365 classic interface to the Unified Interface, I noticed that I could not edit records even though I had System Administrator access. I could edit the same records in the classic interface with the same Security Roles.The screenshots below show the differe

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    • Ensuring all Users can see Auto-posts on the Activity Timeline

      Alfwyn Jordan, 09 March 2020

      We had a problem with our Dynamics 365 system where some users were unable to see the auto-posts that were generated by the system for the Activity Timeline on our Opportunities.User A saw this:And User B saw this:We checked the permissions granted to the users around Posts. And saw that both had th

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    • PSA: Dynamics 365 Duplicate Detection Bug Stops Business Process Flow from Initializing

      Nick Chin, 04 March 2020

      We discovered a strange bug where the Business Process Flow wouldn’t initialize during Quick Create. It was difficult to pinpoint, however we eventually found that within the Unified Interface on the save of the Quick Create form, if it triggered duplicate detection, somehow the dialog would preven

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    • Adaptive Card Responses in Teams using Power Automate

      Isaac Stephens, 25 February 2020

      Power Automate recently released two new actions for Microsoft Teams. These actions allow you to post an Adaptive Card to a User or to a Team and wait for a response. Actions generally just run without any human interaction; however, these new actions bring in a new level of Human – Flow interaction

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    • Beware of Inactive Contacts for Click Dimensions Email

      Sean Roque, 24 February 2020

      In Click Dimensions you can create Email Sends for a recipient, or multiple recipients from Dynamics 365. More information can be found here. Following interaction with that Email Send, an Email Event record is automatically created for a Dynamics 365 Contact/Lead/Account with the matching email add

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    • Assigning Power Apps per App Plan Licenses to Users in your Organisation

      Alfwyn Jordan, 18 February 2020

      Licensing has changed yet again. There are two license types that are of use and it depends on how many apps you’ve built. There’s the unlimited plan, and the per app plan. Visit https://powerapps.microsoft.com/en-us/pricing/ for more details. The steps to assign licenses is no longer straightforwar

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    • Manually Creating Dynamics 365 Portal Users with an Azure AD B2C Connection

      Jordan Hohepa, 10 February 2020

      Recently I configured the identity management service Azure AD B2C to handle the Sign Up and Sign In for a Dynamics 365 Portal. When accessed, the Portal will immediately send the Portal User to Azure AD B2C, allowing them to either Sign In with their existing account details or Sign Up by entering

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