• Gotchas with Dynamics 365 Record Creation and Update Rules

      Zoe Sands, 31 July 2017

      Working with Dynamics 365 Record Create and Update Rules (RCUR) can be a useful user friendly way of creating workflows based on items that are added to a Queue. Here are some things I found helpful when developing a set of RCURs for a project.1.    If you rename a RCUR step, the back

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    • Dynamics 365 Form Editor Button Opens a Different Form

      Jordan Hohepa, 26 July 2017

      Recently one of our clients had a situation where the Form Editor button would only open the main form. The client had just updated to Dynamics 365 and had stated that this issue had never happened with their previous version of CRM. While investigating this issue, I found that this was OOTB behavio

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    • Video Overview of Dynamics 365 Email Engagement

      David Mochrie, 24 July 2017

      As part of the suite of features in the new Relationship Insights module in Dynamics 365, Email Engagement allows users to get further insight into how their customers are engaging with outbound emails from Dynamics 365.In this demo, we give a short overview of Email Engagement and how you can use i

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    • Useful Dynamics CRM 2016 Web API Queries - Part 1

      John Towgood, 21 July 2017

      Web API is a new platform feature of Dynamics CRM 2016 that exposes CRM data over OData (Open Data Protocol). Web API offers REST based endpoint which can be used across a wide variety of programming languages, platforms, and devices. Since Web API is intended to replace existing SOAP base endpoint

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    • How to Add a Sub Grid Search Box to a Dynamics CRM 2016 Quick View Form

      John Towgood, 19 July 2017

      Using a Quick View Form on a record in Dynamics CRM is a good way to view information about a related record. Fields can be added to the Quick View Form and sub grid to associated records. There are times when a sub grid contains many records and to search the records you can enable the Search funct

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    • How to Use Recommendations in Dynamics 365 Business Rules

      Satyvir Jasra, 18 July 2017

      A new component has been added for Business Rules in Microsoft Dynamics 365. We now have ability to “Add Recommendation” while setting up business rules. Without the need of code and plug-ins we can now create recommendations for the user based upon business intelligence. It gives user an option to

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    • 3 Easy Steps to Turn on Email Engagement in Dynamics 365

      Arpit Malhotra, 17 July 2017

      Email Engagement is one of the features in the new Relationship Insights Suite for Dynamics 365. It provides the ability to see email statistics and helps to better track email communication engagement with the customers. It also allows you to monitor things like the opening of an email, tracking if

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    • Dynamics 365 Bookmarklet to Test CRM for Tablets

      Jared Johnson, 14 July 2017

      When doing CRM customisations, you might want to quickly check out how your changes have also affected the CRM for Tablets/Phones app (MOCA). To achieve this I have created a bookmarklet that that can open the tablet app in the browser.To add the bookmarklet, create a new bookmark and set the URL to

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    • How to Hide the Navigation Items on a Dynamics CRM Form

      Zoe Sands, 13 July 2017

      There is a feature of Dynamics CRM that I have only just learnt about but provides a way to simplify the forms that a user is presented is the ability to hide the form navigation on a record.As you can see from the images below, the difference in the pages is subtle but the overall effect is signifi

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    • Microsoft Teams and its Impact with Microsoft Dynamics 365

      Miguel Nepomuceno, 12 July 2017

      Microsoft Teams is a chat-based workspace in the Office 365 suite. Microsoft introduced Microsoft Teams on November 2016, and was designed as a competitor to Slack. It is a platform that combines workspace chat, meetings, notes and attachments. By being able to integrate with the company’s Office 36

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    • How to Setup Gamification in Dynamics 365

      Satyvir Jasra, 11 July 2017

      Gamification in Dynamics 365 lets you transform your day to day operation into competition between employees. For example, you may want to introduce some competition based on the number of Cases your customer service team closes over a certain period. In this article, I will show you how easy it is

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    • Step by Step Guide Connecting Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Microsoft Teams

      Miguel Nepomuceno, 10 July 2017

      The introduction of Microsoft Teams comes with 70 Connectors that allow Teams to connect with multiple technologies and tools. With the goal of bringing everything together, Microsoft Teams provide users with a centralized platform to pull together technologies, people, and content into one workspac

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    • The Danger of SQL Operations in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

      Roshan Mehta, 26 June 2017

      You may have heard that performing SQL operations on your Microsoft Dynamics CRM databases are dangerous or unsupported. But what does that mean? What is so dangerous about it? Why is it unsupported?To clear the air, I’m talking specifically about anything that will alter data in your system and I’m

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    • How to Connect to Dynamics 365 from Microsoft PowerApps

      Arpit Malhotra, 20 June 2017

      PowerApps let you create custom business mobile apps with little or no code. Using your Dynamics 365 dataset, you can create useful mobile apps for your business, publish and share in no time. You can connect to various cloud applications such as SharePoint, Twitter, Dynamics 365, Google Drive, OneD

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    • Introduction to Dynamics 365 Business Rule Recommendations

      Satyvir Jasra, 19 June 2017

      Microsoft Dynamics 365 includes a new feature called Recommendations. This feature allows the system to recommend certain actions to the user when they interact with the system. These recommendations can be dismissed if the user does not want to perform the suggested action.Our CRM system contains a

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