• Dynamics 365 Model Driven App new navigateTo API

      Jared Johnson, 12 November 2019

      In early October a new method was added to the Xrm.Navigation client api documentation, navigateTo. While we already had the openForm method to open a form with Javascript, we had no way of opening a view the same way. This new method now allows us to do that but is only supported in the Unified Int

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    • Add More than Four Fields to a Dynamics 365 Form Header

      Jordan Hohepa, 11 November 2019

      With the recent Wave 2 Release for Dynamics 365 there has been a slight change to how the header works on a Form. The new change is known as the high density header. Basically, it allows you to add more than four fields within the header, which was the previous maximum amount. Take the Contact Form

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    • Counting Objects in an Image with an Object Recognition Power App

      Harshani Perera, 08 November 2019

      Following on from my blog about Object Recognition using the Microsoft Power Apps AI Builder, we created an AI Model to detect bananas.In this blog, we will create an App using a similar Model so that you can easily use it to detect objects. The following steps will show you how to do this.Step 1: L

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    • Dynamics 365 Unified Interface Errors when Bulk running Workflows and Flows

      Jared Johnson, 07 November 2019

      In the current version (wave 2) of Dynamics 365 with the Unified Interface, selecting a large amount of records, around 50+ records, in a view and then bulk running a workflow on these records via the Flow button can result in the ‘Too Many Requests’ errors popping up. This will cause the workflow t

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    • How to Call a Child Flow from a Parent Flow

      Satyvir Jasra, 06 November 2019

      As part of the October release, Microsoft released quite a lot of new features for Microsoft Flow (now part of Microsoft Power Automate) which makes development easier and faster for Users. One of those cool new features is the addition of ‘Run a Child Flow’, which means we can call a child Flow fro

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    • How to sort Dynamics 365 Sales Pipeline stages in Power BI

      Colin Maitland, 05 November 2019

      In this article, I demonstrate how to sort Dynamics 365 Sales Pipeline stages in Power BI.The following image shows part of an analysis of Open Opportunities by Sales Pipeline stage. The Sales Pipeline stages have been implemented using Business Process Flow stages; e.g. Qualify, Develop, Propose an

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    • Transforming Dynamics 365 UTC Date/Time to local Daylight Saving and Standard Date/Time in Power BI

      Colin Maitland, 04 November 2019

      In this article, I demonstrate the transformation of Dynamics 365 UTC Date/Time values to New Zealand (NZ) Local Date/Time and Date values in Power BI, taking into account Daylight Saving Time.This demonstration highlights a significant difference in the transformation of these values when the Power

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    • Dynamics 365 the Web Client has been deprecated

      Nick Chin, 31 October 2019

      The legacy Web Client has been deprecated as of September 2019. What does this mean? Microsoft has set the 1st of October 2020 for when the Web Client will no longer be available. If you are still using the legacy Web Client, you will need to transition to the Unified Interface by this date.Microsof

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    • How to Invoke Shared Formulas in a Canvas PowerApp

      Colin Maitland, 30 October 2019

      In this article, I demonstrate how to invoke a shared formula from events and controls in a Canvas PowerApp without the need to duplicate the formula many times.The following image shows a simple calculator created as a Canvas PowerApp. This calculator has various buttons, labels and associated form

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    • Replicating If Statements, For Loops and Do While Loops in Microsoft Flow

      Adam Murchison, 29 October 2019

      People who know a little bit about programming may need a good starting point for understanding how Flow works and how they can replicate their programming knowledge in Flow. When first outlining a solution to a problem I break the problem down into pseudocode, a logical set of actions that I then u

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    • Change in how to Enable Dynamics 365 Unified Interface

      Nick Chin, 25 October 2019

      The 2019 Wave 2 update has had some changes to the “Enable only the Unified Interface” setting.Paul’s blog describes how to enable the Unified Interface by default.Now with the Wave 2 release; “Enable only the Unified Interface” has been removed from the “System Settings”.This has been moved the Pow

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    • Facebook Lead Ad to Dynamics 365 via LeadsBridge and Flow

      Sean Roque, 24 October 2019

      Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms that offers high view rates and precision with the target audience. Combined with Microsoft Dynamics 365, a leading cloud-based business applications platform to store and manage this information, we end up with a powerful combination for enterpr

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    • Dynamics 365: Solving the Action Invalid Argument error with Flow

      Nick Chin, 23 October 2019

      Have you ever had the “Invalid Argument” error from an Action before?This can happen when you are retrieving a record with code and it returns a null. If an Action has an EntityReference output, then it must always return data. So, if you encounter this problem, what should you do?If the logic is co

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    • Improving Microsoft Flow Runtime using Concurrency Control

      Satyvir Jasra, 22 October 2019

      In Microsoft Flow, one of the most used controls is ‘Apply Each’ which is used to process a list of items. However, if there is a large list of items to process through, the ‘Apply Each’ action will run for a very long time, because only one item can be processed at a time. What if we could process

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    • Error when Accessing Dashboards in Dynamics 365

      Sean Roque, 21 October 2019

      There was an instance for one of our clients where a single user was receiving the error message: “App for Outlook is the App Module for Dynamics 365 App for Outlook. This Action is not applicable.” and was unable to access the Dashboards area in Dynamics 365 Unified interface. At first glance you m

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