• Making a Field Read-only On a Business Process Flow

      David Mochrie, 11 February 2016

      Dynamics CRM Business Process Flows (BPFs) can be very useful for guiding users through business processes in CRM. One limitation of a BPF is that fields on them can’t be made read only simply by making the field read only on the form. There is however a code-free way round this using business rules

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    • Set Business Process Flow using a Workflow in Dynamics CRM 2016

      David Mochrie, 13 December 2015

      Business Process Flows (BPFs) are a really useful part of CRM. They can be used to manage records through multiple stages of a process. On CRM 2016, you can use a workflow to set a business process flow to be the active process on a record. On previous versions of CRM, this was only possible to do w

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    • Dynamics CRM 2016 Business Rules invoked by Business Process Flows

      David Mochrie, 21 December 2015

      Dynamics CRM 2016 is here and with it comes some exciting new features. One useful feature is the ability to invoke a business rule based on business process flow properties. Before we dig into this in more detail, let’s just review what a business rule and a business process flow are. A business ru

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    • Using Groupings from Other Dynamics CRM Entities in Charts

      David Mochrie, 02 December 2015

      CRM charts are really useful for displaying data in a summarised format, giving users a very clear picture of their data. When designing a chart, you will set the 'Horizontal (Category) Axis Labels' This is a wordy way of of asking ‘What do you want to group things by’. For example, you may want to

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