• Optimising the Calendar Control for Opportunities

      David Mochrie, 25 January 2019

      The new(ish) Unified Interface for Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement comes with a whole stack of nice features. One of these is the calendar control. This has of course been around in the tablet and phone clients for a while now, but now we have the Unified Interface, I decided to take a closer look

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    • Sorting Views By Parent Entity Attributes in Dynamics 365

      David Mochrie, 21 August 2018

      Sometimes a new feature is released in Dynamics 365 with little or no fanfare. It could be something very small and it just slips under the radar. Sometimes when I stumble across these new features I start to doubt myself, and wonder if it's been there all along. I often have to check back on older

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    • Theme Colours in Microsoft Dynamics 365 V9

      David Mochrie, 29 May 2018

      Themes were introduced in CRM 2015. They’ve gone largely unchanged since then, but with V9, the components that can be themed have changed a little. Here I highlight what each component colour changes on the screen. Some of you will probably already know if you’ve used themes before, but a few may b

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    • Filtered Lookups in Editable Grids for Dynamics 365

      David Mochrie, 16 May 2018

      Editable grids are a very convenient way to update data in Dynamics 365. Lookups, and specifically filtered lookups, warrant special attention in editable grids as some of the out of the box behaviour may surprise you. Quick Recap on Filtered Lookups Filtered lookups allow you to display a subset of

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    • Overview of Auto Capture Feature in Microsoft Dynamics 365

      David Mochrie, 24 October 2017

      As part of the suite of features in the new Relationship Insights module in Microsoft Dynamics 365, Auto capture displays work related emails in Dynamics 365 by enabling access to your email in Microsoft Exchange. In this demo, we give a short overview of Auto capture.

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    • Microsoft Dynamics 365 July 2017 Update - Not In Queries for Views and Advanced Find

      David Mochrie, 18 October 2017

      The single most requested feature in Microsoft Dynamics 365 on Microsoft Connect, and now on the Microsoft Ideas site, is to have ‘Not In’ queries for views and advanced find. For example: Accounts with no ContactsContacts with no CasesAccounts with no Opportunities Previously, it has been possible

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    • How to Use Task Flows to Help Your Mobile Workforce Manage Micro Processes in Dynamics 365

      David Mochrie, 07 October 2017

      Introduction In order to be successfully adopted, CRM systems have to be simple to use. One way to achieve this is to map business processes into CRM. Over the past few years, one way of doing that was business process flows (BPFs). BPFs are very useful for representing processes that could take day

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    • What to do when reminders are missing for appointments synchronized from Dynamics 365

      David Mochrie, 05 September 2017

      Appointment in Outlook will be allocated a reminder time based on the user’s Outlook personal options:This means that they then pop up in the user’s Outlook as a reminder, the specified time before the appointment starts:This is really useful. The user doesn’t miss the appointment, and is able to us

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    • Video Overview of Dynamics 365 Email Engagement

      David Mochrie, 24 July 2017

      As part of the suite of features in the new Relationship Insights module in Dynamics 365, Email Engagement allows users to get further insight into how their customers are engaging with outbound emails from Dynamics 365.In this demo, we give a short overview of Email Engagement and how you can use i

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    • Walkthrough of Dynamics 365 Relationship Insights and Assistant

      David Mochrie, 26 May 2017

      Relationship Insights is an exciting new feature in Dynamics 365. It’s backed by Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms which give users even more power to engage with their customers. In this demo, we give an overview Relationship Assistant, one of the components of Relatio

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    • Dynamics 365 Multi Entity Business Process Flows

      David Mochrie, 20 March 2017

      Business Process Flows have been around for a while in Dynamics CRM (now Dynamics 365 of course), since 2013 in fact. They are very useful in helping organisations model their processes in CRM and help guide users through stages of the process. However, there are some limitations which are important

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    • 10 things you may not know about editable grid in Dynamics 365

      David Mochrie, 16 February 2017

      Editable Grid was released as a new feature in Dynamics 365 to much applause from the CRM community. In this blog, I’d like to dive into some things the editable grid can and can’t do. 1. What is editable grid? It's a custom control on an entity. It’s not enabled out of the box for any entity, you h

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    • Dynamics 365 Set Value vs Set Default Value

      David Mochrie, 15 December 2016

      Business Rules are a really useful tool in Dynamics 365 for writing client side script without code. In this video, David Mochrie demonstrates the subtle but important difference between the 'Set Value' and 'Set Default Value' action in business rules

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    • 10 things you may not know about Immersive Excel

      David Mochrie, 02 August 2016

      A new feature in Dynamics CRM 2015 Update 1 was ‘Immersive Excel’. This allows you to export data in a view from CRM to Excel Online, edit the data there, and then save those changes back to CRM. You never leave CRM, the Excel Online window opening up right there within CRM. It’s a really quick way

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    • Recently viewed records and views in Microsoft CRM 2016

      David Mochrie, 24 February 2016

      Recently viewed records is a concept which has been in Dynamics CRM for a while, since 2011 in fact. It's a really useful feature and one I use regularly, but I hadn't paid much attention to the details of it until someone asked me how many records it shows. In CRM 2015 Update 1 and later, it's pos

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