• Dynamics CRM 2011 Many-to-One Relationship Behaviour

      Paul Nieuwelaar, 28 March 2012

      Sometimes when you are creating relationships (lookups) In Dynamics CRM 2011, the relationship behaviour is either overlooked, or just missed out. The Relationship behaviour of a Many to One relationship determines what happens to child records when an action is performed on the parent record. For E

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    • Installing and Configuring the CRM for Outlook Client

      Paul Nieuwelaar, 02 June 2010

      If you use Microsoft Dynamics CRM in your business, and you are thinking about installing the CRM for outlook client, this blog will walk you through installing it, and setting it up. Installing CRM for Office Outlook Create a new folder in the C: Drive. Open Computer and then open Local Disk (C:).

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    • Benefits of using the CRM for Outlook Client

      Paul Nieuwelaar, 26 May 2010

      Some CRM users are hesitant on using the CRM for Outlook Client, as they think it is just another program they need to have running on their computer, but that is probably because they are not aware of all the time saving features of the Outlook Client that are not included in the CRM Web Client. If

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    • OnChange Events on a Dynamics CRM 4.0 Picklist

      Paul Nieuwelaar, 14 July 2010

      In an earlier post by Nathan, titled Hiding Fields Based on User Selection, he went through hiding a field when a user selects ‘yes’ or ‘no’ from a bit attribute. However, when I came to do this, when a user picks an option from a picklist (dropdown) attribute, the method was quite different. For th

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    • Defaulting the History ‘Filter on’ to ‘All’ on Dynamics CRM 4.0 Accounts and Contacts

      Paul Nieuwelaar, 21 July 2010

      When you open up an Account or Contact in Dynamics CRM 4.0, and click on the History tab, by default it shows the history for the ‘last 30 days’ on that record. So if you want to view all the history for the Account or Contact, you have to manually change the ‘Filter on’ drop down to ‘All’ every tim

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    • Changing the Default Form Window Size

      Paul Nieuwelaar, 09 June 2010

      By default in CRM when you open up a Lead, Contact, Account or any other form for that matter, the dimensions of the windows are 1012 pixels wide, by 611 pixels high, and the position of the window is 124 pixels in from the left of the screen, and 170 pixels down from the top of the screen. These pr

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    • Hiding Sections on a CRM 4 Form

      Paul Nieuwelaar, 16 June 2010

      Once you know how to hide sections on a CRM form using Javascript, it can be used together with other Javascript functions, such as hiding fields and tabs, and suddenly the customization capabilities of the CRM form are endless, and you’ll end up having forms where only the relevant fields are displ

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    • Making a Field Appear Twice on a CRM Form

      Paul Nieuwelaar, 30 June 2010

      I was recently given the task of making a currency lookup field appear on two tabs at the same time, on the same form. After researching online for a way to make the same field appear twice on a form, I found a response to this question stating “It is not possible”. And they may have been right, b

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    • Adding Extra Columns to a Row in a CRM 4 Section

      Paul Nieuwelaar, 07 July 2010

      In the form below, there is a method for payment frequency. Here, the user enters the frequency of payment (day, week, month or year) and will also select how often they will pay, which is a decimal value. For example, if you set ‘Payment Every’ to 3, and ‘Payment Frequency’ to Week, then you would

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    • CRM Masthead Customization for Multiple Organizations

      Paul Nieuwelaar, 23 June 2010

      A few weeks ago, a blog was posted by David Sutton called CRM Masthead Customization, and it was explaining how to customize the masthead in CRM. However if you have multiple Organizations in your CRM environment, the masthead will be added to all Organizations, rather than having a unique masthead

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    • Changing Field, Section, and Tab names from a radio button in Dynamics CRM 4.0

      Paul Nieuwelaar, 28 July 2010

      In this post I will describe how to change a field name, section name, or even tab name based on the selection of a radio button. As you can see below, what we will be achieving is selecting Customer or Supplier from the Contract Type radio button, which will change the Tab, Section and Field name a

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    • Dynamics CRM 4.0 - Saving a Form once all Required Fields are Filled in

      Paul Nieuwelaar, 04 August 2010

      In CRM, by default, when you create a new record, the left hand navigation area is greyed out until the form has been saved. And the only way to save the form is to fill in every required field, and then click save. Which is fine, but I wanted to make it so that once all the required fields had been

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    • Changing Field Focus in Dynamics CRM 4.0 to Clean up the Invoice Product

      Paul Nieuwelaar, 10 August 2010

      In this blog post I will mainly be using two different pieces of JavaScript on the Invoice Product, to make the form more user friendly. The first piece of code is to change the field focus, and the second is to prefill the ‘Unit’ field, which I will be using from Nathan Eccles blog, called Populati

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    • Dynamics CRM 4.0 Prototyping with Expressions Blend 4 – Sketchflow

      Paul Nieuwelaar, 16 August 2010

      Often in Microsoft Dynamics CRM when you are customizing an entity for someone, usually the only information you have to go off is someone else trying to explain to you what they want, and how it should be, or some loose sketches on paper of what the entity should look like. Most of the time you wil

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    • Quick Create Phone Call Activity in Dynamics CRM 4.0

      Paul Nieuwelaar, 25 August 2010

      The other day I was led to a very handy website, where I found a piece of JavaScript that made creating a phone call activity from a contact very easy. The website where I found the code gave a block of JavaScript that could be added to the Contact forms onLoad event, and would work unchanged. How i

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