Get More Storage Space by Switching to the Latest Dynamics 365 CRM Licensing

Gayan Perera, 03 April 2019


In April 2019, Microsoft announced a raft of changes to the way Dynamics 365 CRM licensed. One these changes is related to storage.

Prior to April 2019, the following was true:
•    Storage meant data records + files + audit records
•    10GB of storage by default
•    1x production instance
•    1x additional instance per 20 or 25 users
•    If you wanted additional instances, you’d pay extra per instance
•    Additional storage purchased at $x per GB

As of April 2019, Dynamics 365 CRM / Power Platform storage is split up into three main parts. The world today collects huge amounts of information; therefore, types of data must be split to ensure everyone is dealt a fair hand. So, Microsoft has split data record storage, file storage such as attachments, images etc. and audit log storage.

What this means is you’ll now get by default:
•    10GB of storage for record data PLUS 250MB of additional storage allocation per user
•    20GB of storage for files such as attachments, images etc.
•    2GB of storage for audit logs

You can purchase increments of 1GB for each of the above components.

You’ll also be able to spin up as many instances as you like as long as there is 1GB of free space available. For example, since you’re getting 10GB of space for storage of data, if you’re only using 5GB, you can spin up 5 additional instances without paying a cent! This is pretty cool!

Have a read of the full licensing guide for more information or get in touch with us and we’ll explain all the ins and outs.