Connect Dynamics CRM and Xero easily

No longer will you have to duplicate content in CRM and then create an invoice in Xero. With this simple Xero Connector you can bridge the gap between your customer records database and your financial system. Helping you and your team be more productive and have better visibility of your customers and their records. Watch demo now.


Popular MyXero Connector Features

MyConnect for Xero allows you to speed up your invoicing by creating a safe and secure link between your Dynamics CRM and Xero Accounting Software. Delight both your sales and finance teams by ensuring both the Connector is constantly updated and you get 24/7 support from the team at Magnetism.

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Track Invoices
Easily track invoices in both CRM and Xero with the knowledge that the data in the system is correct in both and there are not data duplication errors and time wasted.

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Track payments
Easily make and track payments across both Dynamics and Xero systems to ensure you are up to date. Never have any data disparity between systems.

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Create bi-directional credit notes in CRM and Xero
Create credit notes that flow into both systems to ensure anyone looking at that account is kept up to date with all information.

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Fix Data Duplication
Never doubt your data again. Our Connector will ensure that all your data is fixed between systems so you know who has paid, who hasn't and track that against customer records.

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Save Time
Spend more time on the things that will drive your business forward - not the time-consuming, menial data driven tasks. Leave that up to us.

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Make better business decisions and get a clear view of your customer data and payment data. Never will you have to patch the two together.


"I am really pleased with the work you have done and am confident we have the right solution. So a big thanks to the team"

Aaron Toresen
Managing Director
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"Your team did an awesome job. Smooth and problem-free! Thank you so much!"

Miriam Jun
Senior Systems and Project
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"Awesome work on the upgrade! it went live smoothly this morning; all looking good so far. Great work team"

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With the standard connector you save 100’s of hours of data duplication time and you ensure that you are not taking any chances with your most important business data. Try it today and enquire below.



The deluxe myConnect has been built for high volume users of Xero and Dynamics. This includes higher volume invoices and handles custom record types.

Get all of the benefits of the basic MyConnect

+ Process 1000+ invoices per month

+ Sync in near real time (1min update time)

+ Sync custom entities / record types

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Red Cross replaced more than a dozen databases and manual systems with a centralised, automated Dynamics CRM. This allowed a central location to manage their course booking systems.

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Gritit is the UK's largest winter gritting and risk management company. They automated their manual billing system by using our off-the-shelf Xero MyConnect product.

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Coastguard Northern Region automated their membership process while improving timeliness and accuracy of invoicing using Dynamics of CRM and .NET API website integration.