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How does MyConnect Work?

MyConnect links customer records in Dynamics 365 & CRM with financial information in Xero. If your invoices are generated in CRM - they sync straight through to the other system and vice versa - automagically! At the same time any changes to customer details relating to the invoice are replicated.

For example, if a client is not yet loaded into one of the systems, the client will automatically be created and linked. When payments are allocated to invoices in Xero, the payment details are pulled back into CRM so the CRM system has a record of paid, partially paid and unpaid invoices.

Key Benefits

Save Time
There is no need to switch between systems. Information can be entered in either Dynamics CRM or Xero and will be updated in both.

Minimise Error
Eliminating the mundane task of having to enter data twice greatly reduces the likelihood of costly errors and inconsistency.

Up-to-date data
When invoices are created in either system the data is automatically updated in both. This includes the associated customer information.

Invoice and payment history is available in both Dynamics CRM and Xero so that all authorised users can access the information.

Workflow rules can automate processes, such as notification emails to customers when an invoice is overdue, increasing efficiency.

You can view information across the whole organisation. This allows for better communication and more informed decision making.

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