• Dynamics 365 Multi Entity Business Process Flows

      David Mochrie, 20 March 2017

      Business Process Flows have been around for a while in Dynamics CRM (now Dynamics 365 of course), since 2013 in fact. They are very useful in helping organisations model their processes in CRM and help guide users through stages of the process. However, there are some limitations which are important

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    • Editing the Site Map in Dynamics 365 using the built-in Site Map Designer

      Dominic Jarvis, 08 March 2017

      Editing the Site Map in a Dynamics CRM application can be a mission, particularly if you aren’t using any third party applications and editing the schema by hand, as it were. Fortunately, in the December 2016 update for Dynamics 365, Microsoft added an in-application Site Map editor called the Site

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    • Microsoft PowerApps and Dynamics 365 OnSelect Example

      Arpit Malhotra, 28 February 2017

      Microsoft PowerApps provides the ability to users at any level in an enterprise to create fully functional apps without having to write any code or any app development skills. You can use pre-built app templates or start from scratch and connect to your existing services such as Excel, Dynamics 365,

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    • 10 things you may not know about editable grid in Dynamics 365

      David Mochrie, 16 February 2017

      Editable Grid was released as a new feature in Dynamics 365 to much applause from the CRM community. In this blog, I’d like to dive into some things the editable grid can and can’t do. 1. What is editable grid? It's a custom control on an entity. It’s not enabled out of the box for any entity, you h

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    • How to Bulk Migrate Dynamics CRM Licences to Dynamics 365 Licences using PowerShell

      Gayan Perera, 09 February 2017

      Along with the rename of Dynamics CRM to Dynamics 365 came new licenses. If you’re on Office 365 with the old Dynamics CRM licenses being assigned to users you will need to re-assign Dynamics 365 licenses to these users at some point. If you have tens of users then manually removing and assigning th

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    • Tips for Dynamics CRM 2016 to Dynamics 365 On-Premise Upgrades

      Colin Maitland, 03 February 2017

      You can now upgrade your on-premises deployment of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015/2016 to Microsoft Dynamics 365. This is accomplished by downloading and installing the December 2016 Update for Dynamics 365. If your current version is Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 you need to upgrade to Microsoft Dynami

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    • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Application Platform in a nutshell

      Arpit Malhotra, 25 January 2017

      Microsoft’s business application platform let organizations innovate business solutions faster. It helps them to build and extend modern business applications by composing analytics, user experiences, tasks automation all together using a wide-ranging and integrated set of services. It offers a rich

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    • Options for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Free 30-Day Trial

      Colin Maitland, 18 January 2017

      In this blog I will provide a short description of the solution options when setting up a free 30-day trial of one or more of the CRM solutions in Microsoft Dynamics 365. The solution options are Sales, Customer Service, Field Service and Project Service Automation. The process for setting up a free

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    • Intro to the Bot Framework with Dynamics 365

      Jordan Hohepa, 16 January 2017

      Since Microsoft’s Build 2016 Conference there has been a huge buzz around Artificial Intelligence Bots and Microsoft’s Bot Framework for developers, and recently I have been diving into the discovery and development of these bots for different platform. Bots aren’t anything new, they’ve been around

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    • Queue Items Disappear on Queue Deactivation in Dynamics 2016

      Zoe Sands, 16 December 2016

      One of our clients had a situation where they had to deactivate one or more of their queues before reassigning all the queue items within it. They noticed that when they deactivated a queue all the items appeared to be deleted. (see image sequence below) This did not help them as they were unable to

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    • Dynamics 365 Set Value vs Set Default Value

      David Mochrie, 15 December 2016

      Business Rules are a really useful tool in Dynamics 365 for writing client side script without code. In this video, David Mochrie demonstrates the subtle but important difference between the 'Set Value' and 'Set Default Value' action in business rules

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    • Dynamics 365 Relationship Insights

      Arpit Malhotra, 09 November 2016

      Relationship insight is one the key feature that is backed by artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms that comes as a built-in feature in Microsoft Dynamics 365. The service is built on the Cortana Intelligence Suite and takes advantage of the Dynamic 365 common data model/service.

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    • O365 App Launcher introducing a new icon - Dynamics 365

      Arpit Malhotra, 08 November 2016

      You might just not see anything called "CRM" in your office 365 app launcher in the near future. Microsoft's next generation intelligent business application aka Dynamics 365 will replace the word "CRM" enduringly impacting businesses to grow, evolve and transform. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud

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    • Moving Dynamics CRM Business Process Flows with multiple Branches

      Jordan Hohepa, 07 November 2016

      Business Process Flows (BPFs) can be used to guide users through different phases to reach a desired outcome. BPFs make use of stages and steps, where stages are different phases in a process which users can complete one by one before moving on, and steps are fields within a stage which can be used

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    • Hiding and Showing a Dynamics CRM Business Process Flow with Javascript

      Jordan Hohepa, 04 November 2016

      Business Process Flows (BPF for short) are used in CRM systems to guide users towards a desired outcome by defining steps for users to follow. In some instances, these processes are added to entities, such as the Lead entity, and can be very useful and for other instances they may not be needed. Dur

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