Confidence and Certainty

When implementing new systems to your business it can be tempting to seek cost savings by doing it yourself. Our 100% specialisation in Microsoft Dynamics CRM means that we’ve built a wealth of experience in how to maximise the benefits as well as avoid some of the pitfalls.

Working with a partner helps you ensure your journey to Dynamics CRM is smooth, and that you achieve the outcomes you seek. Whether you just need a little help with the tough stuff, or would prefer someone to just make it happen, partnering with an expert helps you ensure your CRM journey is a positive one.

Microsoft Gold Certified:

We’re Microsoft Gold Certified in CRM. What that means to our customers is confidence that we have invested in the training to ensure our team are leaders in their fields, and that we have a track record of CRM success upon which we can draw.

Deeper Integration

We’ve built up a wealth of knowledge over hundreds of CRM projects that really comes into its own when it comes to connecting systems. Whether that be integrating CRM with proprietary line-of-business applications, financial systems, SharePoint, or to Microsoft Exchange our integration experts can help you unlock the full power of your business systems.

Out-Of-The-Box Connectors

We have created a suite of add-on’s and connectors that can quickly be deployed to new or existing Dynamics CRM implementations to extend the solution and create additional value. Some of our most popular add-ons include: MyConnect for Xero, MyConnect for MYOB and SMS Connector.


Magnetism’s teams can either provide first level support or back up your own teams. Add this to the our access to Microsoft technical support and product teams, and you can relax knowing your CRM will be available when you need it.


We have New Zealand's most qualified Dynamics CRM team. Take advantage of the experience and expertise of our certified Dynamics CRM specialists.

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Our Promise: Zero Failed Implementations

Since we were very little, the team here have had an unwavering commitment to make sure our solutions deliver and delight. That has developed into our Zero Failed Implementations (ZFI for short).

What does this mean to our customers? Quite simply, ZFI is our commitment to doing everything within our power right from day one to ensure that our engagements are successful.

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