Are you still running
Dynamics CRM4?

Are you still running
Dynamics CRM
2011 - 2016?

Microsoft Support for your system ended in April 2018.

You no longer have paid support calls and access to some information through Knowledge Base.


Act now

Microsoft support may finish from January 2019

Microsoft is scheduled to stop support for outdated CRM products including mainstream support for Dynamics 2013 by January 2019. This will mean limited security update support, warranties and access to product specific information on Knowledge Base.

Contact Us to get more information about upgrading to maintain your support and future proof your solution.

Act now

Upgrade to Dynamics 365 and uncover opportunities to transform your business

Technology continues to revolutionise the way people work together. To keep up with the change, it essential that businesses continue to invest in their technology - especially when it comes to powerful systems like CRM. By leveraging the newest version of Microsoft Dynamics you open up new possibilities for your business.

Uncover opportunity
Upgrading your CRM is an ideal
time to add functionality
that brings long-term value to
your business.

Save on costs
The longer you put off an upgrade
the costlier it will become. Upgrade
now to save cost and gain

Stay Competitive
Set yourself up with a
competitive edge by
customising CRM with features
and integration.

Are you ready to upgrade?

An upgrade is a big step, but having the right information and the right partner can help make it easy.
The FAQ below is a good place to start when deciding whether or not your company is ready for an upgrade.

Upgrade FAQ

No, you’ll be able to take your existing customizations and configurations with you. We recommend you revisit some of these customizations and configurations so that any unwanted items can be removed

We implement a ‘cloud first’ ideology. Cloud security, cost structure and other major barriers are no longer evident as they were a few years ago. We recommend moving to the cloud. However, we understand that every business is different. So we’ll make the recommendation based on what’s best for you.

Yes. Nothing else to say. You will. We guarantee that.

Positively. We specialise in CRM builds and that means we know what works and what doesn’t in terms of User Experience. We’ll run a report and understand how your CRM is being currently used and then build on that.

Because Dynamics 365 is a pure cloud product, this means upgrades are automically managed by Microsoft within your subscription costs. So, your upgrade costs will dramatically decrease. That means your business can focus on the things that make you more productive.

Contact the specialists at Magnetism and we can give you a free consultation as to what the best upgrade for you will be.

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