Minimal Upfront Cost
Power BI is a subscription based service -so you only need to pay for it as long as it provides value. You can use out of the box dashboard or build your own.

Make Decisions Mobile
Making day-to-day decisions based on data is powerful. Your business doesn't stop - so having real-time analysis while you are away from your desk is critical.

Powerful Artificial Intelligence-driven Q & A Service
Getting real-time information has never been easier. You no longer have to write complex queries – simply type in a question to get quick analysis.

Instantly Share Dashboards
Giving the right information to the people that can help implement the decisions is key - with Power BI, managers can immediately see where the business is performing well and where it can improve.

Create your own data visualisations

Power BI offers the variability to customise your dashboard directly to align with your business goals or specific KPI's for that quarter or year. Get a simple, high-level analysis of your business without the need of IT teams.

This real-time view allows you to make better decisions that are based on real data and numbers right down to the hour if you need to. You never have to "wait for the numbers to come back from Finance" - freeing up your ability to make decisions and allowing your teams to focus on the things that matter.

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Power BI dashboards help management teams foucs on results, see trends, make predictions and address potential issues and gaps in near real-time.

In the example to the left, our client can visualise the depth of the relationship based on multiple criteria and ensure that appropriate care is given to each key client.

Power BI insights are not limited to monetary or time based data. In todays business environment, the customer relationship is key for growth.

In the professional service industry, managing the number of jobs and margins plays a huge part in determining the financial stability of a business.

We built this Power BI dashboard for a client based on data from Dynamics 365/CRM and their financial system.

Being able to identify trends gives a business the ability to nimbly respond proactively to shifts in momentum.

At Magnetism, we practice what we preach. Our management team is able to get a healthcheck at a glance across various business areas.

This means no more paper reporting and hours collating information all of which normally takes a company away from delivering real benefits to their customers.

Power BI has enabled us to focus on the things that will make the most difference to our company and our clients.

Well done it's looks great! Really like how you display the data and nice work on the display of the report.

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