Your Mobile Business

Why is being mobile so important?

Your clients are mobile and they expect you to be fast, efficient and streamlined. Mobility is now an essential part of excellent service and customer care. It unleashes a range of potential efficiencies.

Mobile CRM Efficiency?

With mobile CRM, your teams can use their tablet, Android, iPhone or Windows phone to access up-to-date client and product information, price lists and offers while on the move. During and after the meeting, your teams can capture or update customer information, initiate orders or update sales forecasts promptly, without returning to the office.

What will I be able to access from my mobile device?

  • Account information

  • Contact information

  • Lead information

  • Opportunity information

  • Product information

  • Notes

  • Competitors

  • Connections

  • Upcoming Appointments

  • Logged Tasks

  • Previous Phone calls

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Mobility

What happens if I don't have a connection to the Internet?

Records that you have visited when you had a connection, will be cached and available when offline. This means you can continue to access past records if you have limited internet connectivity.

Records visited when offline will be in Read-only mode and have a timestamp at the bottom left of the screen to indicate when the record was last updated. You need never go to a sales meeting or presentation again with outdated information.

Where to Next?

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Case Study: Booking in bobbys from the field

Seeking ways to connect with their clients instantly, on the move and in locations with limited connectivity, Silver Fern Farms looked to Magnetism’s SMS (Short Message Service) Connector integrating directly with their Dynamics CRM platform.

With over 1,000 unique bobby calf suppliers in the South Island, Silver Fern Farms achieved over 50% signing up for the SMS mobile booking service immediately.

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