Reach new heights with an integrated CRM

Dynamics 365 is designed to be integrated. It comes with a tight association to Microsoft Office and free integration with SharePoint and Microsoft ERP systems. In addition, CRM is routinely incorporated with websites and Apps to provide wider and more flexible interfaces. Integration is our specialty.

The Modern Business and Integration

These days your clients expect to be able to interact with you in a myriad of ways - websites, portals, mobile apps - all of which dictate the importance of integrating Dynamics CRM with your other applications. However, simply integrating systems does not result in great experiences. It is vital to ensure that the data you share is current, relevant, insightful and most of all - drives business value.

Integration Possibilities

We will work with you to plan, design and implement an effective integration strategy ensuring your strategic objectives are met. It could be any of these or something totally different...We've done it all:

  • Sharing financial data from CRM with your financial software

  • Processing memberships online using a payment gateway

  • Online ticketing, event registrations

  • Job Applications and recruitment

  • Collecting Donations

  • Purchasing products

Integration and Efficiency

Internally, integration improves process efficiency through reducing the number of hands that need to that touch information. Integration makes it possible to automate data received directly from customers, which saves time and double handling. Even more valuable is the availability and transparency of company-wide data within one location. Having direct access to the information you need, when you need it, means you can make informed decisions faster.

Microsoft Azure

Here at Magnetism, we leverage the power of Microsoft Azure to support many of our integrations. Microsoft Azure provides a secure channel for communicating CRM data to your Line of Business applications.

Where to Next?

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Our Promise: Zero Failed Implementations

Since we were very little, the team here have had an unwavering commitment to make sure our solutions deliver and delight. That has developed into our Zero Failed Implementations (ZFI for short).

What does this mean to our customers? Quite simply, ZFI is our commitment to doing everything within our power right from day one to ensure that our engagements are successful.

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