Customise Your Cloud
Finding the right solution with Azure is easy. Simple, adaptable application building blocks and the ability to create hybrid environments mean a cloud solution can be tailored to fit your business.

Scale on Demand
With Azure, you can dial-up resources when you need them. Prepare for bursts of traffic or schedule your resources to automatically shift based on load parameters or time of day.

Keep Costs Down
Pay for the cloud resource you use, as you use it. Azure reduces upfront costs for businesses with a pay-as-you-go model. Its scalability lets you keep a close eye on costs.

Be more competitive with the cloud

At Magnetism, we know implementing a cloud solution can transform your business and provide the agility you need to have a leg up on the competition. Let us show you how to achieve efficiency with rapid deployments and open up the possibility of new business models based on nimble cloud services.

Whether you’re looking to build out an intranet, leverage a CRM, manage e-commerce or create a mobile app, we can harness the power of Microsoft Azure and the Microsoft stack to create a cloud solution right-sized just for you.

Find your cloud solution

You’ve set your business objectives, but choosing the right cloud solution to meet them might not be as clear cut.

At Magnetism, we guide you through questions on items like infrastructure, data sovereignty, maintenance and cost to put together the best cloud solution for you. Together, we evaluate your business needs to determine how Azure can best help reach your goals.

It’s important to have a cloud service you can trust. As a Microsoft product, Azure attains industry-leading security technologies that keep its infrastructure resilient and your data secure.
Microsoft Azure is not only backed by the Microsoft stack, but holds more certifications than any other cloud provider.
As a Microsoft Gold Partner, you can be assured that our experts at Magnetism have the experience and the know-how to implement Azure cloud solutions your business can depend on.

Sometimes a full cloud solution may not be what your business needs. Microsoft Azure makes it easy to get the best of both worlds. With Microsoft Azure you can go Hybrid with an on-premise set up and the cloud.
The integration capability and flexibility of Microsoft Azure means you can reduce risk across all your systems. Powerful tools like Azure SQL Database let you build and deploy databases at cloud speed.

The stats speak for themselves

Azure Regions
across the Globe

Azure services to
customise your solution

of Fortune 500
companies trust Azure

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