What exactly is CRM?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) used to be an afterthought of a sales team organising leads and client information. Now, it's transformed into the backbone of any and every business relationship. Using CRM means getting smarter in managing and fostering business relationships.

CRM can automate business processes, facilitate data collection and provide business insights, enabling you to deliver greater value across every department within your business.

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Getting your CRM running smoothly

At Magnetism, CRM is what we do. No matter your industry, size or sector, we'll get your CRM running the way you want and need it to. We're proud of our long list of successful CRM implementations, catered and customised for each business.

We’ll listen, understand your business requirements, develop a solution and communicate with you all of the way through. You’ll need CRM to keep humming for years to come and we can get you there.

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Customisation with a little help from our friends

We do some pretty awesome stuff with custom integration. Using our custom connectors enables your business to tap into the extensive features and benefits of each solution and ensures every department of your business is communicating with one another - instantly and automatically.

  • MyConnect for Xero

    Linking CRM to your Xero cloud financial software

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  • MyConnect for MYOB

    Linking CRM to your MYOB financial software

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  • SMS Connector

    Send SMS messages straight from Dynamics CRM

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Your business is mobile.

Transform your business, empower your team and delight your customers with Dynamics 365, powered by the cloud.

People spend more than a third of their time searching for information. Imagine a world where your team can access client data and insights , anytime, anywhere, from any device. Collaboration between you and your clients has never been easier.

Mobility creates a lean, agile business that is intuitive and highly responsive to client needs.

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