At A Glance

Client: Ezy Build Products
Project: Dynamics CRM & Xero Connector Integration
The Objectives: Integrate automated workflows, reduce administrative load and increase efficienciess. Automate financial processes to enable global expansion and improve data accuracy.
The Solution: Dynamics CRM Xero Connector integration software to connect Microsoft Dynamics CRM (2011 & 2013) and Xero’s online accounting package.
The Results: Improving service delivery with improved data flow and end-to-end automation company-wide. The new software makes it easily transferable to overseas markets.
The Technology:
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Xero Online Accounting Software
  • Dynamics CRM Xero Connector
    • The Challenge

    • Before engaging Magnetism, Ezy Build were operating disparate systems; a CRM to manage their sales and service delivery, product inventory and ordering and an accounting program to manage their finances. Both systems did not communicate with one another and the overall lack of integration between their key business systems was having a negative flow-on effect on their general business productivity.

      This siloed approach was putting Ezy Build’s data integrity at risk. They were relying on a manual process to connect the two programs by copying vital information from one to the other. This was leaving them prone to the errors, mistakes, was time-intensive and inefficient.

      EzyBuild were subject to unnecessary financial-based challenges, including stock level discrepancies, incorrect invoicing and reconciliations. A reliable, up-to-date integrated software solution was needed to automate key processes and give Ezy Build greater visibility of their business to enable more accurate decision making.

    • The Solution

    • Magnetism worked very closely with the Ezy Build Products team to determine exactly what was needed to create a complete back office ecosystem. A tightly integrated solution was designed in order to bring the same ease of use and functionality to Ezy Build’s ordering, invoicing and accounting just how clever cladding products provide easy to builders.

      Smart workflows were built into Ezy Build’s Dynamics CRM deployment, to support and streamline their complete sales lifecycle; from ordering and fulfilment to stock management and invoicing. In fact, an order taken out in the field by a rep can now be automatically submitted, via smartphone, to the Dynamics CRM, appear on-screen within ten seconds at the warehouse for packing, generate and dispatch an invoice and trigger an order for replenishment stock, all without need for manual intervention.

      Even better, while this workflow efficiency is occurring, Magnetism’s Xero Connector gathers all the necessary financial data involved and automatically passes it between Dynamics CRM and the web-based Xero accounting program. A key objective of the software build was to bridge the gap between Ezy Build’s customer relationship management and accounting software. With Magnetism’s Dynamics CRM Xero Connector in place, data-flow is not only automatic, it’s two-way. Invoices and other sales data generated in CRM are automatically synced with Xero and, respectively, once an invoice is paid, Xero then updates the CRM with that information, reconciling it against the appropriate client.

      Importantly, the solution has been designed to work with Ezy Build’s plans for growth. Xero’s ability to work across multiple foreign currencies, combined with the flexibility of Magnetism’s Dynamics bridging solution, means Ezy Build can confidently enter new international markets knowing their system can handle the load.

    • The Results

    • The new integrated system has enabled companywide process automation. As a result, Ezy Build are able to concentrate on business-led selling whilst being able to reduce their data inaccuracies.

      The background syncing process happening between the two systems has also removed the need to re-enter figures across each program, successfully putting a stop to the introduction of errors that was occurring with the previous manual process.

      Not only has this provided the organization with more accurate data to work with, it has also reduced the labour costs of rectifying these mistakes when they arise.

      Utilising an integrated system unleashing the Dynamics CRM functionality with Xero Connector, Ezy Build have a solid platform facilitating their launch globally.