At A Glance

Client: Coastguard Northern Region
Project: Dynamics CRM for improved membership management
The Objectives: Automate manual membership process to improve timelines, reporting, analysis and accuracy of member invoicing. Create a system that would scale with the organisation.
The Solution: Microsoft Dynamics CRM automation. Custom .NET API website integration. Microsoft Dynamics CRM dashboards
The Results: 3000+ memberships per week processed, 350+ donations per month processed and significant cost savings.
The Technology:
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM with cross-browser support
  • Microsoft .NET Custom Development
    • The Challenge

    • As a charitable organisation, Coastguard Northern Region rely heavily on membership fees to enable them to continue to provide life-saving services at sea. The existing membership management system was time-consuming and manual, impeding Coastguard’s ability to both on board new members quickly and manage the renewal process for existing members.

      Coastguard Northern Region wanted to deliver an enhanced member experience to its 40,000+ members, however the limited ability within the current system to change member details or update invoice information was resulting in delayed customer response times and the paper-based invoicing process was causing administrative headaches for Coastguard in one of it’s most critical areas - raising funds.

      Furthermore, Coastguard needed more transparency across member and donor activity to better understand performance. The improved CRM would need to provide flexible and accurate reporting functionality, allowing Coastguard to access and analyse data that would help them to grow.

    • The Solution

    • Looking for a specialist in donor and membership management led Coastguard Northern Region to Magnetism. Shortly thereafter, Magnetism were engaged to customise out-of-the-box Dynamics CRM to manage not only memberships but also events, courses, and public donations.

      To address the bottlenecks in membership renewals, Magnetism leveraged the platform automation capabilities in Dynamics CRM to streamline the process. This included automatically sending reminders to members when the membership is up for renewal, with the invoice attached, along with a link to pay the membership online.

      New memberships were just as easily managed through a custom-built API which the website consumed to allow the public to sign up and pay online. The CRM was then extended to automatically send welcome packs when a member signs up, enriching the overall customer experience.

      The reporting requirements of the project were satisfied by leveraging CRM dashboards and charts that served to provide Coastguard real-time information about the status of members and donations. While this had previously been a time-consuming process involving multiple departments and lengthy reconciliations, the CRM solution allowed this vital data to be no more than a click away.

      The difficulties Coastguard had encountered with its previous system stemmed largely from its inflexibility. Hence, it was a key requirement that the CRM solution Magnetism deployed would offer more scalability. By using CRM out of the box customisation and configuration Magnetism were able to empower Coastguard with an adaptable solution. Coastguard is able to create and modify reports as required, create and modify member communications (e.g. send automatic thank yous), easily extend the system to capture new information and access 360 degree views of a person whether they’re a donor or member.

    • The Results

    • The automation delivered to Coastguard by Magnetism’s Dynamics CRM solution has had considerable positive impact on the organisation’s overall operations. The time efficiencies realised within Coastguard due to the eradication of manual processes have been passed onto their service delivery, greatly improving the customer experience for members and donors and allowing Coastguard to process 3000+ memberships per week and 350+ donations per month.

      Converting Coastguard’s manual paper-based invoicing process to digital via their online CRM solution and its accompanying website integration has driven out huge costs from the organisation’s bottom line and allows them to function more sustainably. With an adaptable and intelligent CRM solution in place Coastguard Northern Region are not only prepared for their own growth but are now also in a position to administer membership on behalf of other business units in the nationwide organisation, uplifting the ROI of the solution dramatically.