• How to Use Recommendations in Dynamics 365 Business Rules

      Satyvir Jasra, 18 July 2017

      A new component has been added for Business Rules in Microsoft Dynamics 365. We now have ability to “Add Recommendation” while setting up business rules. Without the need of code and plug-ins we can now create recommendations for the user based upon business intelligence. It gives user an option to

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    • How to Setup Gamification in Dynamics 365

      Satyvir Jasra, 11 July 2017

      Gamification in Dynamics 365 lets you transform your day to day operation into competition between employees. For example, you may want to introduce some competition based on the number of Cases your customer service team closes over a certain period. In this article, I will show you how easy it is

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    • Introduction to Dynamics 365 Business Rule Recommendations

      Satyvir Jasra, 19 June 2017

      Microsoft Dynamics 365 includes a new feature called Recommendations. This feature allows the system to recommend certain actions to the user when they interact with the system. These recommendations can be dismissed if the user does not want to perform the suggested action.Our CRM system contains a

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