Dynamics 2016 Bulk Removing Solution Fields Gotcha

Roshan Mehta, 18 April 2017

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 introduced a handy feature which allows you to add subcomponents (or entity assets) to a solution. This means you can strip down your solutions to only include the subcomponents you need.

I recently needed to remove fields from a solution because no changes were made to those fields. I attempted to select multiple fields and use the Remove Component button but encountered the following warning:


It made sense to me that “same type” referred to the Type column in the screenshot above, i.e. the data type of the field. I tried to select multiple Single Line of Text fields and remove them in bulk but encountered the same warning.

It turns out that Type refers to custom fields vs system fields. This means that you can only remove fields in bulk if all the selected fields are custom fields or all the selected fields are system fields, but not a combination of both.