Command Bar Buttons Disappearing in Dynamics CRM

Roshan Mehta, 03 February 2016

A CRM user recently reported that they were unable to see items within fly-out menus on the command bar in Dynamics CRM 2013. Whenever they tried to run a report against an Account, they would see "No actions available" when selecting a report to run. They received the same message when trying to create a new Activity from an Account.

After screen-sharing with the user, I noticed that ActiveX Filtering was enabled in Internet Explorer. Simply go into the Tools menu, and uncheck ActiveX Filtering.

Refresh the browser and try the action again. You should now see a list of Reports and Activities for the selected Account.

It is important to rule out other factors when troubleshooting these types of errors. We usually check the following:

  1. Does it work for other Users who have the same Security Roles?
  2. Does it work in a different browser?
  3. Does it work for the affected User on a different machine?
  4. Does it work for an unaffected User on the affected Users machine?

I have also seen strange behaviour with command bar buttons for systems enabled for IFD. The Activate and Deactivate buttons were not functioning because the user had entered "http" instead of "https" in the address bar. This could be another thing to check.