Synchronise Your Zendesk Tickets with Dynamics CRM 2013!

Roshan Mehta, 07 January 2014

Our Zendesk to Dynamics CRM 2013 integration provides full synchronisation of Zendesk support tickets into Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013. The integration utilises the out-of-the-box Case entity, allowing you to take advantage of the case management lifecycle – from logging a new ticket and interaction with customers, all the way through to service scheduling and invoicing while adhering to service level agreements.


The following ticket information is tracked in Dynamics CRM during the synchronisation process:

  •  The name and company of the person who raised the ticket
  •  The type, status and description of the ticket
  •  The date and time the ticket was raised in Zendesk

A handy URL is also available in Dynamics CRM so your support agents can access the original ticket in Zendesk with a single click.

  •  Accurately track time against support tickets via activities
  •  Maintain a 360 degree view of support ticket history for customers
  •  Manage service level agreements (SLAs) using the contract management lifecycle
  •  Accurately schedule resources for support tickets
  •  Creates Accounts and Contacts in Dynamics CRM if they do not already exist
  •  Copies Zendesk ticket information into Dynamics CRM
  •  Automatically resolves Cases in Dynamics CRM when the associated ticket is solved in Zendesk
  •  Synchronises the total Dynamics CRM case resolution time back into Zendesk



Figure 1 - A new support ticket raised in Zendesk

Figure 2 - The support ticket raised as a Case in Dynamics CRM 2013

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