• Mapping parent lookup fields when using navigate in Dynamics CRM 2015

      Ahmed Anwar, 15 December 2015

      One of our customers wanted to create multiple forms for a custom entity and automatically redirect the user to the correct form based on a certain field value. Microsoft already has introduced the navigate() method since version 2011. Unfortunately in CRM 2015 version 7.0, the navigate function doe

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    • How to Ensure Your CRM Project Comes in on Budget

      John Eccles, 11 December 2015

      Your CRM project doesn’t have to be like this! Magnetism has done many CRM projects that were on-time and on budget. But you will need to be intentional because in general, CRM projects are like most projects and most projects go over budget. In July 1997, the proposed new Scottish Parliament bui

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    • Using Groupings from Other Dynamics CRM Entities in Charts

      David Mochrie, 02 December 2015

      CRM charts are really useful for displaying data in a summarised format, giving users a very clear picture of their data. When designing a chart, you will set the 'Horizontal (Category) Axis Labels' This is a wordy way of of asking ‘What do you want to group things by’. For example, you may want to

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    • Use Hierarchy Security in Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Private Notes

      Colin Maitland, 12 November 2015

      In this blog I will demonstrate how Hierarchy Security can be used in Dynamics CRM to secure notes so they can only be accessed by the users who created and own them, and their managers. This can be achieved as follows: Update the Security Roles assigned to users so that they only have User Level R

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    • Use of Capacity in Service Scheduling in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

      Colin Maitland, 04 November 2015

      In this article I will demonstrate the use of Capacity when using the Service Scheduling Engine in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. I will demonstrate this using the example of a Service for the delivery of a one day “Service Scheduling Training” course. This example is similar to a scenario demonstrated in

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    • Change How Data is Handled in a Merge Operation in Dynamics CRM

      Zoe Sands, 02 November 2015

      When writing a plugin on the “Merge” message in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, there are three entities you need to work with – although the merge function in CRM is only performed on two records at a time. These are the “Master”, “Subordinate”, and “UpdateContent” entities. When a merge is performed, a t

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    • Workaround for Deleting Option Descriptions in Option Sets

      Isaac Stephens, 14 October 2015

      When editing option descriptions in an option set field, sometimes Dynamics CRM won’t let you delete the description if it already has contents. This can be problematic if you’ve mistakenly entered something into the description of an option and then need to remove it, as happened to me recently.

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    • Avoid data loss with Optimistic Concurrency in Dynamics CRM 2015 Online

      Ahmed Anwar, 13 October 2015

      In large organisations with many users, data loss is likely to happen. This can occur when multiple users are updating the same record, which means that the changes one user makes can get overwritten by another user. Imagine two users receive customer support tickets from customers and take actions

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    • Integrating Vend with CRM 2015 using Webhooks

      Ahmed Anwar, 08 October 2015

      Concept of Webhooks Vend has its own REST APIs that can be called using .NET or any other platform. For example retrieving all customers by calling the /api/customers end point. However due to certain limitations, the Vend team introduced a new concept of accessing data via Webhooks. Webhooks are no

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    • 9 Tips to Drive CRM Strategy

      John Eccles, 06 October 2015

      CRM, Customer Relationship Management, is NOT primarily a software technology. Rather, CRM is a business strategy.  Hence the rationale for implementing CRM must be because it is a good strategy for your organisation. Here is my working definition of CRM: “CRM is the business strategy to acqui

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    • Migrate Closed Microsoft CRM Opportunities using SSIS Integration Toolkit

      Zoe Sands, 11 September 2015

      Recently I did a data migration from Microsoft Dynamics CRM On-Premise to CRM Online using the SSIS integration toolkit. This tool is useful for migrating data between CRM instances without needing to export everything into Excel spread-sheets or write a console application. While migrating opportun

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    • Working with Dynamics CRM Activity Party Lists in C# Plugins

      Paul Nieuwelaar, 07 September 2015

      Every time I have to do something with activities in CRM it ends up taking way longer than expected. Unlike most entities in CRM, activities have a lot of unusual relationships and field types, not to mention all the behind the scenes processes which tend to not like when you introduce your own cust

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    • Addressing the Principal team is missing privileges Error while Migrating Dynamics CRM Data

      Zoe Sands, 28 August 2015

      While performing a data migration between Dynamics CRM instances using the SSIS Integration Toolkit I encountered this error while attempting to migrate Accounts: Principal team (Id=xxx, type=9) is missing prvReadAccount privilege This error occurs because many of these Account records are owned by

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    • Basic HTML Rich Text Editor for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015

      Paul Nieuwelaar, 25 August 2015

        By default, CRM doesn’t allow us to create our own custom fields using rich text or HTML, similar to the email Description out of the box. However, if we’re building forms that push data to a website dynamically, we may need the ability to build some HTML in CRM. In the past there’s been a f

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    • CRM 2015 Online - Accessing Subgrid data using Javascript

      Ahmed Anwar, 24 August 2015

      In CRM 2015 online, the grid control has new methods and events to assist the developer to get additional data about the grid like Ids or an array of selected records. In this blog post, I’ll show you two applications you might need to apply during your development. When a subgrid control is added t

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