• Convert URL to Short Bitly URL in Dynamics 365

      John Towgood, 13 November 2018

      When marketing website promotions or news to customers we typically send messages through appropriate channels such as email, LinkedIn or SMS messages. Usually these messages contain URL links to a website where more detailed information can be found on the promotion or news. These messages can cont

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    • Using the Power Platform Analytics to Manage Storage Usage for Dynamics 365

      Jared Johnson, 12 November 2018

      With the recent updates to the Power Platform Admin center, we now have a new way to check out what the statistics of what is using the storage in Dynamics 365. To get there you can either go directly to https://admin.powerplatform.microsoft.com, or click no the Try the new Admin center link from

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    • How to Sign Out from Dynamics 365 Tablet App

      Jasper Marri, 08 November 2018

      Security is of course very important when dealing with customer data. One way to safeguard customer data is to sign out of Dynamics when not using it. When using the tablet app, the sign out button is not immediately visible. To sign out from the tablet app: 1.    From the Menu Bar, c

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    • How to Connect Power BI to Dynamics 365

      Satyvir Jasra, 07 November 2018

      Power BI is a power analytics tool that allows us to visualize our data. We can create reports in Power BI using Dynamics 365 data. In this blog I will walk through the steps to create a connection between a Dynamics 365 instance and make a simple report using it. I will be using Power BI desktop a

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    • Dynamics 365 Error Adding Product Bundles After Upgrade to Version 9

      Jared Johnson, 06 November 2018

      After doing a test upgrade of an 8.2 instance to Version 9, we received an error when adding product bundles to an opportunity where the bundle had existed in 8.2. When adding a bundle from the grid it would return an error with the code - 2147206380. And from the Opportunity Product form it would

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    • Duplicate Detection When Qualifying Leads in Dynamics 365 - Part 1

      Miguel Nepomuceno, 05 November 2018

      This blog series is about duplicate detection rules when qualifying a Lead. When a Lead record gets qualified, the Lead gets converted to an Opportunity record, and Account or Contact records are created in the process. During the Lead Qualification process, I noticed a duplicate warning prompt that

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    • Business Required Read Only Fields in Dynamics 365 v9

      Jordan Hohepa, 25 September 2018

      Within Dynamics 365 fields can be set as business required, which helps to ensure these fields need to be populated for the record to be saved. Fields can also be set as read-only, preventing Users from entering data manually. Prior to v9, the business required validation was always enforced, even i

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    • Missing Contact Information Form After Upgrading in Dynamics 365

      Miguel Nepomuceno, 24 September 2018

      Upgrade season is upon us! On my previous blog, Microsoft has been pushing clients to upgrade to more updated versions of Dynamics 365 Online, making it mandatory for customers with v8.0 or v8.1 to upgrade to v8.2. Microsoft are also incentivizing customers to upgrade to the latest version of Dynami

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    • Conditional Images in DocumentsCorePack

      John Towgood, 21 September 2018

      Documents CorePack add-on provides functionality of transforming data/information from Dynamics 365 into professionally looking documents. The Documents CorePack Client provides an easy way of generating templates using standard Microsoft Word layouts combined with Documents CorePack Template Design

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    • Generate Custom Upload to SharePoint in Dynamics CRM

      Miguel Nepomuceno, 20 September 2018

      While Microsoft Dynamics CRM / 365 offers integration options and features available with SharePoint On-Premise/ Online, there are some client cases where doing the SharePoint Integration is not worth setting up. We encountered this situation with one of our clients who wanted to integrate Dynamics

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    • How to Schedule an Upgrade to Dynamics 365 Version 9.0

      Miguel Nepomuceno, 17 September 2018

      With Dynamics 365 Version 9.0 (v9) being rolled out last year, Microsoft has now commenced scheduling the upgrade of Dynamics 365 to v9. System administrators should be notified via email and a notification in the Office 365 Message Centre that scheduling your update is now available. The update de

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    • Dynamics 365 Online ADFS Authenticate with User Credentials

      John Towgood, 14 September 2018

      For a typical setup of a Dynamics 365 Online instance, authentication is done against Azure Active Directory using OAuth2.0 as an authentication method with an access bearer token issued. But occasionally we come across Dynamics 365 Online instance setup against ADFS which involves a two-step proce

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    • Unable to View Shared Power BI Dashboard in Dynamics 365

      Satyvir Jasra, 13 September 2018

      We can create and share Power BI dashboards with other users, and similarly we can create a personal dashboard in Dynamics 365 and share it with the other users. Occasionally users like to create and share personal dashboards with other users. However, some users might report an issue where they do

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    • Server-side Sync with Dynamics 365 Online to Exchange On Premise

      Zoe Sands, 12 September 2018

      I recently had some issues setting up Server-Side Sync (SSS) for a client who was using Exchange on premise with their online deployment of Dynamics 365. I was given the Exchange server URL, and a user name and password for a user that had been given appropriate permissions to Exchange. The Email Se

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    • How to Use Power BI Dashboards in Dynamics 365

      Satyvir Jasra, 11 September 2018

      With the Power BI and Dynamics 365 integration, many Power BI reports and dashboards are created using Dynamics 365 data. However, there are times when we don’t want to maintain charts in Dynamics 365 and Power BI separately. Therefore, it is best to use Power BI dashboard itself in Dynamics 365. In

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