• What are the Quirks of Server-Based SharePoint Integration for Dynamics 365

      Dominic Jarvis, 22 November 2017

      SharePoint integration for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a great way to free up space taken up by files or attachments that are usually stored in Dynamics 365 itself. Enabling this integration can be incredibly helpful, but there are a few quirks when using this service. Also just note that this articl

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    • Excel Template Gotcha in Microsoft Dynamics 365

      Roz Millar, 21 October 2017

      I recently needed to create an Excel template for a customer.  My scenario:The template was to be based on appointments that were ‘Regarding’ a specific record type . It needs to group the time spent on each of the appointments based on a value from the regarding record.Customer has Microsoft D

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    • How to Keep Solution Sizes Small in Microsoft Dynamics 365

      Dominic Jarvis, 17 October 2017

      When moving changes between environments in Microsoft Dynamics 365, solutions are used to package these changes for ease of change tracking and feature management. However, solutions can often become large in size, which can greatly increase the time needed for deployment. It is often good practice

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    • How to Customise Excel Reports Using Macros, Visual Basic, and Select All Sheets

      Satyvir Jasra, 09 October 2017

      Recently for one of my projects, I was required to create an Audit Report which showed all the mandatory fields within the client’s Microsoft Dynamics 365 environment. Upon doing some research, I figured out that “Metadata Document Generator” tool from http://www.xrmtoolbox.com/ can be used to gener

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    • How to Configure Relationship Analytics Cards in Dynamics 365

      Arpit Malhotra, 02 October 2017

      One of the suite of the Relationship Insights is a Relationship Assistant which keeps you updated with the upcoming activity or the task in Microsoft Dynamics 365. It continuously analyses your customer’s communication data in Dynamics 365 and from the Microsoft Exchange. It additionally provides r

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    • How to Create Custom Test Execution Reports in Excel from Team Foundation Server - Part 2

      Miguel Nepomuceno, 26 September 2017

      In my previous blog, I’ve gone over setting up Team Foundation Server (TFS) such that we can use queries. TFS queries allow us to group and filter out work activities in TFS (primarily bugs). By setting up our queries to modularise our data and connecting TFS into Microsoft Excel, we can now extract

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    • How to Create Custom Test Execution Reports in Excel from Team Foundation Server - Part 1

      Miguel Nepomuceno, 25 September 2017

      Team Foundation Server (TFS) is a Microsoft product which provides source code management, project management, reporting, release management and testing. TFS has a lot of inbuilt reporting and dashboard services available. By connecting TFS to Microsoft Excel, we can use different functionalities of

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    • How to Bulk Migrate Dynamics CRM Licences to Dynamics 365 Licences using PowerShell

      Gayan Perera, 09 February 2017

      Along with the rename of Dynamics CRM to Dynamics 365 came new licenses. If you’re on Office 365 with the old Dynamics CRM licenses being assigned to users you will need to re-assign Dynamics 365 licenses to these users at some point. If you have tens of users then manually removing and assigning th

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    • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Application Platform in a nutshell

      Arpit Malhotra, 25 January 2017

      Microsoft’s business application platform let organizations innovate business solutions faster. It helps them to build and extend modern business applications by composing analytics, user experiences, tasks automation all together using a wide-ranging and integrated set of services. It offers a rich

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    • CRM Online - No Option to buy Additional Storage for Non Profit Organisations

      Roz Millar, 19 July 2015

      I had one of our Non-profit customers contact me recently. They had received the 80% storage warning message about their CRM and wanted to buy Additional Storage. Not understanding what the issue was, I sent them through the instructions on the steps involved via the Office 365 admin centre. B

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    • Office 365 – Accessing the Australia Office 365 Data Center for NZ

      Greg Olsen, 02 March 2015

      As I write this article, New Zealand (NZ) Office 365 subscribers have their services hosted out of a data center in Singapore.  The distance from New Zealand to Singapore is a good length, which means it can take a bit longer for our client requests in NZ to hit the servers in Singapore meaning Late

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    • Office 365 – Integration with Office 365 APIs

      Greg Olsen, 10 February 2015

      As we continue to work more and more with Office 365, we are likely require some form of integration from our custom application or business system with Office 365. The Office 365 platform has some APIs available for integration, which will also allow our hybrid systems to integrate with the cloud.

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    • Office 365 Active Directory Synchronization Error

      Gayan Perera, 22 January 2013

        Recently, a customer with a federated active directory setup got an error from the MS Online Services Team saying that they did not register a synchronization for at least 24 hours. The synchronization has been working fine until now but then suddenly stopped. We noticed the following errors

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    • Microsoft BPOS – what the…?

      Louise Alderton, 05 February 2011

      I have been hearing this term ‘BPOS’ for a while now so I thought I would do a bit of research into what it is all about. ‘BPOS’ stands for Microsoft’s ‘Business Productivity Online Standard Suite’. Unfortunately I missed the bus a bit on this as this year Microsoft has rebranded BPOS to now be call

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