• Change How Data is Handled in a Merge Operation in Dynamics CRM

      Zoe Sands, 02 November 2015

      When writing a plugin on the “Merge” message in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, there are three entities you need to work with – although the merge function in CRM is only performed on two records at a time. These are the “Master”, “Subordinate”, and “UpdateContent” entities. When a merge is performed, a t

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    • 9 Tips to Drive CRM Strategy

      John Eccles, 06 October 2015

      CRM, Customer Relationship Management, is NOT primarily a software technology. Rather, CRM is a business strategy.  Hence the rationale for implementing CRM must be because it is a good strategy for your organisation. Here is my working definition of CRM: “CRM is the business strategy to acqui

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    • Working with Dynamics CRM Activity Party Lists in C# Plugins

      Paul Nieuwelaar, 07 September 2015

      Every time I have to do something with activities in CRM it ends up taking way longer than expected. Unlike most entities in CRM, activities have a lot of unusual relationships and field types, not to mention all the behind the scenes processes which tend to not like when you introduce your own cust

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    • Retrieving Dates in FetchXML Aggregation for use in Dynamics CRM Reports

      Zoe Sands, 23 July 2015

      While writing a report using FetchXML, I needed to perform aggregation on a linked-entity where I encountered a problem in that fields that are not aggregated have to be grouped. For most fields this is fine; however, for DateTime data types this can be problematic as you cannot group by a date on i

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    • Dynamics CRM Retrieve Statistics of Sandbox plugins

      Ahmed Anwar, 11 November 2014

      Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013/2011 collects useful information about executed plugins which are registered in the Sandbox mode. Approximately, every hour, CRM generates a record of type PluginTypeStatistic. The generated record produces information about the average execution time of each plugin and h

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    • Count the Cost of CRM

      John Eccles, 01 September 2013

      "But don't begin until you count the cost. For who would begin construction of a building without first calculating the cost to see if there is enough money to finish it?” Luke 14:28, New Living Translation  That is still good advice and it applies to CRM projects as well as building cons

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    • Insufficient Privileges in CRM 2011

      Roshan Mehta, 29 August 2013

      This error never fails to confuse those who are configuring security in CRM 2011, especially when you have only started defining your security matrix. Getting the base privileges right just so that users can simply login to CRM can be a time-consuming task and you will most likely get errors along t

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    • Browser Link in Visual Studio 2013

      Roshan Mehta, 28 August 2013

      Many new features were announced for Visual Studio 2013 at the Build Conference in San Francisco with a lot of focus set on web development. The sessions presented by Scott Hanselman and Mads Kristensen were packed out with web developers wanting to get a sniff at what’s new. In this post, we

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    • CRM 2011 - Multiple Prompts for Credentials (401 Unauthorized)

      Roshan Mehta, 26 August 2013

      A client recently encountered an issue with their UAT server, which prompted users for credentials three times before displaying an HTTP 401 (Unauthorized) error whenever they tried to login to CRM. Note that this only occurred when trying to access CRM by referencing the server name directly in the

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    • Set custom Full Name format in CRM 2011 with Plugin

      Paul Nieuwelaar, 25 August 2013

      In Dynamics CRM 2011, by default on Contacts, Leads, and Users, the format for ‘Full Name’ is defined as ‘First Name Last Name’. We have the ability to change this format in the Administration -> System Settings, however the options are rather limited, and do not allow for

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    • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 – The webpage you are viewing is trying to close the window

      Greg Olsen, 22 August 2013

      This message has been around for ages. A customer experienced the message below and wanted it turned off. Therefore, since I have done this many times before  I should blog this basic change. The Customer Issue: When CRM is opened with Internet Explorer the users gets a dialog pop-up that says

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    • Get bool/Two Options response from Dialog Prompt CRM 2011

      Paul Nieuwelaar, 20 August 2013

      In Dynamics CRM 2011, when we create a Prompt and Response of type Option Set (radio buttons or picklist) we can set the Data Type to Integer which gives us the Option Set value in the response. This value can then be used to directly update an option set field on our entity.   Unfortunately th

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    • Reverse ‘Parent: Child Business Unit’ access CRM 2011 Plugin

      Paul Nieuwelaar, 15 August 2013

      In Dynamics CRM 2011, when configuring security roles with business units, we have the ability to give a user the following levels of access to records: User: Any records they own. Business Unit: Any records a user or team in their business unit owns. Parent: Child Business Unit: Any records owned b

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    • CRM 2011 – Customize Address Views?

      Roshan Mehta, 08 August 2013

      I have recently been working with a customer who asked if it’s possible to create new views for the out-of-the-box Address entity in CRM 2011 Online. I thought I would try this in the Chrome browser only to see that the “view toolbar” was not available, so I was unable to create a

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    • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 – UR 11 Critical Update

      Greg Olsen, 06 August 2013

      Microsoft has releases a Critical Update for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. This update is for CRM instances who cannot upgrade their system beyond UR11 but still would like some bug fixes applied to their system. The build number for this update is 5.0.9690.2903. The KB article number is 2855319. To

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