• Why Can't I Track or Set Regarding For Emails?

      Nick Chin, 26 March 2019

      In Dynamics 365, Microsoft have introduced the ‘Dynamics 365 App for Outlook’ to replace the old ‘CRM for Outlook’ plugin.Often users will want to track emails from Outlook in their CRM system. The ‘Track’ and ‘Set Regarding’ functionality in Dynamics 365 lets you link your email to an Entity like a

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    • Error with Editable Grids and Associated Views in Dynamics 365 v9

      Jordan Hohepa, 11 March 2019

      With Dynamics 365 v9 Views and Subgrids you can now make each row editable without having to open the record itself. This can be activated for specific Views and Subgrids or at an Entity Level so all Views for a certain Entity become editable. Separate to this, the ability to filter Associated Views

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    • Referencing Collection Columns in PowerApps

      Alfwyn Jordan, 08 March 2019

      When using PowerApps it is quite easy to work with and refer to individual columns in a collection. For example, if we have a collection of fruit, created using the following code:     Collect(Fruit, {ID:“1”, Type:“Apple”, Colour:“Green”}, {ID:”2”, Type:”Lemon”, Colour:”Yellow”},

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    • Lookups Defaulting to Incorrect View in Dynamics 365 v9

      Jordan Hohepa, 07 March 2019

      In Dynamics 365 you can select the default view that a Lookup field will display when selecting an existing Lookup value. Along with this you are also able to select which views, if any, a User can select. In D365 v9 however there is an issue that can occur when defaulting the view, which will be de

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    • Error when Qualifying a Lead in Dynamics 365

      Zoe Sands, 06 March 2019

      While working with Leads in a Business Process Flow in Dynamics 365, I had a user decide they needed to edit some information on a recently Qualified Lead. They reopened this Lead, made their change and then tried to close it again only to be presented with the following error: Upon inspecting the l

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    • Using Firefox Multi-Account Containers with Dynamics 365

      Jared Johnson, 04 March 2019

      One annoyance I often run into is having to be logged into multiple Dynamics 365 systems at the same time or wanting to be logged in as different users into the same system. This tends to result in having half a dozen different browser instances open which can become a mess. This is where the Multi

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    • Triggering Plugins on Update of Multi-Select Option Set in Dynamics 365

      Jared Johnson, 18 February 2019

      Dynamics 365 Version 9 added a largely-requested feature: Multi-select Option Set. While they are supported by most of the functionality of Dynamics 365 now, you will find that when you go to register a plugin step with a Multi-select Option Set as one of the Filtering Attributes or add one to a Pre

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    • Dynamics 365 Portal Generic Failure Message on Creation of Record

      Jordan Hohepa, 15 February 2019

      Recently one of our clients ran into an issue with the Dynamics 365 Portals create record functionality. After completing and submitting an insert entity form, a generic error was returned, and the record was not created. This blog shows an example of the issue and how to resolve it. The screenshots

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    • New PowerApps View Editor for CDS Model Driven Apps and Dynamics 365

      Jared Johnson, 14 February 2019

      With the addition of solutions for Model Driven apps in PowerApps, we are getting replacements for many of the old editors that have barely been updated since CRM 2011 or earlier including the solution editor, form editor and view editor. Funnily enough this is the second time a new view editor has

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    • Dynamics 365 Running Slow or not Responding after v9 Upgrade

      Satyvir Jasra, 13 February 2019

      After an upgrade of a Dynamics 365 instance from v8.2 to v9, many users reported an issue where the Dynamics 365 was not loading, or it was loading the pages very slowly. The users were trying to access Dynamics 365 on web client. The solution to this problem was to clear the browser cache of the af

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    • Steps and Tips on Copying a Production Instance in Dynamics 365

      Harshani Perera, 12 February 2019

      In Microsoft Dynamics 365, you might need to make a copy of Production for investigating and/or testing purposes. If you log a ticket with Microsoft they may require you to make a copy of Production to a Support instance for them to investigate. This blog will provide the steps on how to make a copy

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    • Users Not Disabling in Dynamics 365 v9 Online

      Satyvir Jasra, 11 February 2019

      To disable a user in Dynamics 365 online, we can remove their Dynamics 365 licences on Office Admin Centre. However, we recently had an issue where we removed all the licences for a user that included Dynamics 365 in Product licenses list and yet the user was still enabled in Dynamics 365 instances

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    • Power BI Desktop Memory Issue Resolution - Part 2

      Colin Maitland, 08 February 2019

      In part one of this article, I described my experience of a “not enough memory to complete this operation” error I encountered in Power BI desktop. In this part, I will describe the cause and resolution for this issue. The cause of the issue was actually the formula used for generating the Sequentia

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    • Power BI Desktop Memory Issue Resolution - Part 1

      Colin Maitland, 05 February 2019

      In this article I will describe a “Failed to save modifications to the server …  not enough memory to complete this operation” error I encountered in Power BI desktop and how this issue was resolved. The Power BI Data Model included a Referred Contact dimension table, Referrals fact table and a

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    • Optimising the Calendar Control for Opportunities

      David Mochrie, 25 January 2019

      The new(ish) Unified Interface for Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement comes with a whole stack of nice features. One of these is the calendar control. This has of course been around in the tablet and phone clients for a while now, but now we have the Unified Interface, I decided to take a closer look

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