Dynamics 365 Data Export Service Configuration Tip

Nick Chin, 02 September 2019

Recently I encountered an issue with the Data Export Service configuration.

When you add the Data Export Service from the AppSource, it will open a new screen.

In my situation the configuration was unable to find the Dynamics 365 organization.

I noticed something was wrong with the URL. The URL has “port.crm.dynamics.com”, the “crm” identifies that the configuration is using the US data centre. Now if you live in Oceania like me it should have “crm6” and be “port.crm6.dynamics.com”.

After manually changing the URL the configuration could finally pick up the Dynamics 365 Organization.

This problem had previously occurred for me with the “Dynamics 365 Administration Center”

This can happen when you have Dynamics 365 instances in different regions. The problem in this situation is the the US data centre became the default.

Therefore, the workaround is to manually update the URL to the correct data centre.