• Dynamics 365 Migrating Power Automate Flows

      Nick Chin, 11 March 2020

      If you have multiple Dynamics 365 environments e.g. Dev, Test, UAT and Production then you may need to migrate Power Automate Flows.There are two ways to import Power Automate Flows into an environment; using a Package (Package.zip) or using a Solution.Package (Package.zip) You can export and import

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    • PSA: Dynamics 365 Duplicate Detection Bug Stops Business Process Flow from Initializing

      Nick Chin, 04 March 2020

      We discovered a strange bug where the Business Process Flow wouldn’t initialize during Quick Create. It was difficult to pinpoint, however we eventually found that within the Unified Interface on the save of the Quick Create form, if it triggered duplicate detection, somehow the dialog would preven

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    • Back up Dynamics 365 with the Power Platform Admin Center

      Nick Chin, 22 January 2020

      Microsoft recently released Backup & Restore functionality to the Power Platform Admin center and changed this to the default. This is quite different, so I will give you an overview. If you open the “Backup & Restore” tab in the classic Dynamics 365 Admin Center You will now get this pop-up

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    • Dynamics 365 Error in Google Chrome

      Nick Chin, 15 January 2020

      Suddenly on Thursday the 14/11/2019 NZST a customer was having issues with Dynamics 365 when using Chrome, it was freezing and displaying a blank/white tab. Users would need to restart Chrome to load Dynamics 365 again.I was unable to replicate this issue on my laptop, however the users affected we

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    • Customizing the Opportunity Close Window in Dynamics 365

      Nick Chin, 20 December 2019

      With the general release of the Wave 2 update at the start of October 2019, the ability to customize the Close Opportunity form is now available! In this blog I will go through enabling this ability as well as giving an example of adding custom fields.How do you customize the Opportunity Close form?

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    • Dynamics 365 Data Migration - how to keep the original Modified On date

      Nick Chin, 27 November 2019

      When moving from a legacy system to Dynamics 365, sometimes it’s important to maintain the “Modified On” date for records, such as Activities. The Timeline control displays Notes and Activities in the order that they are modified.Setting the “Modified On” field in a data migration isn’t possible as

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    • New Customization Experience in Dynamics 365

      Nick Chin, 15 November 2019

      You may have noticed a few years ago the Power Apps logo was added to the Dynamics 365 Solution Customization page. This was a sign of things to come.Microsoft has redesigned the way customizations are done in Dynamics 365.You can view the new Customization experience by clicking the “Try New Experi

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    • Dynamics 365 the Web Client has been deprecated

      Nick Chin, 31 October 2019

      The legacy Web Client has been deprecated as of September 2019. What does this mean? Microsoft has set the 1st of October 2020 for when the Web Client will no longer be available. If you are still using the legacy Web Client, you will need to transition to the Unified Interface by this date.Microsof

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    • Change in how to Enable Dynamics 365 Unified Interface

      Nick Chin, 25 October 2019

      The 2019 Wave 2 update has had some changes to the “Enable only the Unified Interface” setting.Paul’s blog describes how to enable the Unified Interface by default.Now with the Wave 2 release; “Enable only the Unified Interface” has been removed from the “System Settings”.This has been moved the Pow

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    • Dynamics 365: Solving the Action Invalid Argument error with Flow

      Nick Chin, 23 October 2019

      Have you ever had the “Invalid Argument” error from an Action before?This can happen when you are retrieving a record with code and it returns a null. If an Action has an EntityReference output, then it must always return data. So, if you encounter this problem, what should you do?If the logic is co

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    • Quickly create a manually triggered Flow in Dynamics 365

      Nick Chin, 17 October 2019

      There are multiple ways to create a triggered Flow with Dynamics 365. One way is by browsing to the Flow centre and creating the Flow.If you’re logged into Dynamics 365, Flow be accessed from the top left by clicking the Office 365 app button, then selecting Flow.Select the “Create” tab.Since we are

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    • Dynamics 365 Data Export Service Configuration Tip

      Nick Chin, 02 September 2019

      Recently I encountered an issue with the Data Export Service configuration.When you add the Data Export Service from the AppSource, it will open a new screen.In my situation the configuration was unable to find the Dynamics 365 organization.I noticed something was wrong with the URL. The URL has “po

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    • Bulk Updating Email Signatures in Dynamics 365

      Nick Chin, 21 August 2019

      Recently I needed to update the Email Signatures for all Dynamics 365 Users and insert information from the User record. Currently this can’t be done using the out-of-the-box solution. Even though Email Signature templates are basically email templates you are unable to insert field values like the

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    • Cleaning up your Users by Using Security Groups (Part 2)

      Nick Chin, 01 July 2019

      Following on from “Cleaning up your Users by Using Security Groups Part 1”, the previous blog covered the configuration of the Security Groups and setting Dynamics 365 to use a Security Group using the classic Admin Center interface. Now I will cover the same feature by instead using the new ‘Power

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    • Why is the Dynamics 365 App for Outlook not Appearing in Outlook

      Nick Chin, 27 June 2019

      Sometimes when you have added the Dynamics 365 App to Outlook it won’t display no matter how many times you click “ADD APP TO OUTLOOK” in the Dynamics 365 App for Outlook management menu and the Status will display “Added to Outlook”.One fix is to remove the Add-in through the Outlook webpage.1.&nbs

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