• Hiding and Showing a Dynamics CRM Business Process Flow with Javascript

      Jordan Hohepa, 04 November 2016

      Business Process Flows (BPF for short) are used in CRM systems to guide users towards a desired outcome by defining steps for users to follow. In some instances, these processes are added to entities, such as the Lead entity, and can be very useful and for other instances they may not be needed. Dur

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    • Dynamics CRM Business Process Flow Tooltips

      Jordan Hohepa, 03 November 2016

      CRM 2013 introduced tooltips which would be shown when users hovered their mouse over a label on the form. These tooltips texts could be set when creating or editing a field in the ‘Description’ area. At the of writing this blog that same custom tooltip functionality is not available for any fields

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    • Error while Adding Existing Processes in Dynamics 2016

      Jordan Hohepa, 01 November 2016

      Recently while working on a project I came across a weird error which prevented me from adding any kind of process to a solution. At the time, the solution I was attempting to add to did not contain many processes, having a single Business Process Flow, a single Workflow, and a couple of Business Ru

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