• Dynamics 365 V9 Editable Grid Column Resizing Feature

      Jordan Hohepa, 24 January 2019

      In Dynamics 365 v9 both views and subgrids now have the option to become editable. When the option for editable grids has been enabled, the fields of the records can be edited from the view itself, so Users no longer have to enter each record individually. Views can be made editable from the view cu

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    • Working with the settings.job file of an Azure Web Job

      Jordan Hohepa, 27 September 2018

      When creating an Azure Web Job, you have the option to create a ‘continuous’ web job or a ‘triggered’ web job. With triggered jobs you can decide whether this should only be triggered manually or be triggered on a schedule. The screenshot above shows a web job which is set to be triggered every 30

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    • Business Required Read Only Fields in Dynamics 365 v9

      Jordan Hohepa, 25 September 2018

      Within Dynamics 365 fields can be set as business required, which helps to ensure these fields need to be populated for the record to be saved. Fields can also be set as read-only, preventing Users from entering data manually. Prior to v9, the business required validation was always enforced, even i

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    • How to Restore Dynamics 365 Portal Solutions If You Have Reset Your CRM Instance

      Jordan Hohepa, 10 September 2018

      With each Dynamics 365 subscription you have the option to create a Dynamics Web Portal which is integrated with CRM. This Web Portal can be configured from the Office 365 Admin Portal by navigating to the Dynamics 365 area, selecting the applications tab and selecting to configure the Portal Add-On

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    • Using JavaScript to Set Quick View Form Visibility in Dynamics 365

      Jordan Hohepa, 23 August 2018

      Quick View Forms in Dynamics 365 are a nice way to display data from a related record without having to write any kind of code to retrieve it. The screenshot below shows part of an Account form, which has a lookup to a Parent Account. The Customer Details section in the bottom part of the screenshot

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    • Connecting a Bot Framework Bot to Cortana as a Skill

      Jordan Hohepa, 25 July 2018

      Microsoft’s Bot Framework allows developers to easily create and deploy bots to many different channels, one of which being a Cortana channel. Once your bot has been developed and is ready to publish, you can make this available for use by Cortana as a ‘Cortana Skill’. You can find more information

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    • Business Required Asterisks on Opposite Sides in Dynamics 365 V9

      Jordan Hohepa, 19 July 2018

      With Dynamics 365 v9 being available there have been a few noticeable changes to the User Interface as you can see in the screenshot below. One of the more noticeable differences can be seen when comparing the ‘Account Name’ field and the ‘Phone’ field below. Both fields are set as business required

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    • Connecting Cortana and Office 365

      Jordan Hohepa, 27 June 2018

      If you have Windows 10 then chances are that you also have Cortana, which is an Artificial Intelligence Personal Assistant. Cortana can perform many tasks like creating reminders, searching online with Bing, tracking flights, etc. This can all be done from the start menu using either your voice or i

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    • Introduction to Adaptive Cards in Dynamics 365

      Jordan Hohepa, 14 June 2018

      Adaptive Cards are a great way to display an interactive card-like interface within applications like Outlook, Microsoft Teams, Bots and many more. The screenshot below shows a simple adaptive card which can be shown in different web chat channels and has a variety of text, an image and two buttons.

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    • Building a Quick QnA Knowledge Base with the QnA Maker

      Jordan Hohepa, 07 June 2018

      Microsoft’s Bot Framework is available for developers to create and connect interactive bots to everyday conversational platforms such as Skype, Facebook Messenger and Microsoft Teams. The QnA Maker is a service that provides a quick and easy way to add question and answer support to your bots and a

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    • Programmatically Adding Products to an Opportunity Product Bundle in Dynamics 365

      Jordan Hohepa, 25 May 2018

      In Microsoft Dynamics 365, Users have the option to create different types of products. These products can be created as standalone products, product families and product bundles. Product bundles are a good way to group related products and sell them together. The screenshot below shows a test bundl

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    • Opportunity Products Subgrid Issues in Microsoft Dynamics 365 v8.2.1259

      Jordan Hohepa, 08 May 2018

      At the time of writing this blog, an update for Dynamics 365 Online instance has been pushed with a version number of 8.2.1259. With this update, I found two issues regarding the functionality of the Out of the box Opportunity Products Subgrid’s inline edit view. The first issue would cause the subg

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    • How to Create a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Trial Portal

      Jordan Hohepa, 13 April 2018

      Web Portals are a great way to provide information about your business, generate leads or even provide support for your customers. Dynamics 365 offers a web portal which is integrated with your Dynamics 365 instance if you have a Dynamics 365 Enterprise Subscription. If you do not have this subscrip

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    • Migrating Personal Dashboards and Charts using Impersonation in Dynamics 365

      Jordan Hohepa, 28 March 2018

      Personal Charts and Dashboards can be created in Dynamics 365 systems which allow Users to view their data in a format they create. These charts and dashboards are different from system defined versions in that they are only available to the creator/owner and users they decide to share them with. Un

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    • Recreate Personal Views as System Views with Impersonation in Dynamics 365

      Jordan Hohepa, 21 March 2018

      Views can be created as both system and personal views. The former will be available to all Users who have permission to view the entities and the latter will be available to the owner and anyone who it is has been shared to. This blog will focus on a simple way using a console application to conver

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