Updating Data on Inactive Records in Dynamics 365

Jordan Hohepa, 20 September 2019

I recently found a problem where I was able to edit the data of an inactive record in Dynamics 365. This is because there is logic that unlocks these fields on load of the form.

The screenshot above shows a record that is Inactive which would normally mean that it cannot be edited. The screenshot below shows a business rule I created which unlocks the ‘Definition’ field if the ‘Word’ field is populated. With this Business Rule Active, Users would be able to update the Definition field even if the record is Inactive.

We would experience the same behaviour even if implementing the logic with the following JavaScript:

function unlockField() { 

To fix this, you’ll need to use JavaScript and add a condition to only make the fields editable if the form is active. At the time of writing this blog, there is no functionality available to check if a form is active in a Business Rule, hence the need for JavaScript.