• Setting Values in Dynamics 365 Portals using Entity Metadata

      Jordan Hohepa, 13 September 2019

      With Dynamics 365 Portals you can add Entity Web Forms which are the Portals’ way of displaying Dynamics 365 CRM Forms, allowing Portal Users to Create, View and Update records in Dynamics 365. The screenshot is an example of a Web Form that shows a simple Lead form to collect information about the

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    • Using the Business Card Reader Custom Control in Dynamics 365

      Jordan Hohepa, 11 September 2019

      Recently it has been announced that there will be a wave of new Artificial Intelligence features being added to Microsoft PowerApps. The AI based features will be simple to add pieces of functionality that can do things like process a form or recognise objects in a picture. This blog covers the ‘Bus

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    • Creating a new PowerApps Portal integrated with Dynamics 365

      Jordan Hohepa, 02 August 2019

      Over the past few months Microsoft have talked about a new App Type in PowerApps which is called the PowerApps Portal. This will allow organizations to create a website, similar to the currently available Dynamics 365 Portal, which will allow External Users to interact with the organizations systems

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    • Autonumbering in Dynamics 365 CRM v9 with the new PowerApps Feature

      Jordan Hohepa, 26 July 2019

      With Dynamics 365 there has sometimes been a need to have some sort of autonumbering field on specific Entities. Autonumbering has been available out of the box for a limited number of Entities and the setting for this is available via Settings -> Administration -> Autonumbering. The screensho

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    • How to view records using the Classic Interface in Dynamics 365

      Jordan Hohepa, 16 July 2019

      With Dynamics 365 v9 you have the option to set the Unified Interface Client to be the default Interface for your system. When this setting is activated all records will be opened in the new Interface even when opened from Advanced Find. There are scenarios where you’d want to use the old interface

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    • Retrieving Self-Referencing N:N records in Dynamics 365 Programmatically

      Jordan Hohepa, 14 June 2019

      In Dynamics 365 you are able to create a 1 to N, N to 1 or N to N relationship between two Entities. With this you also have the option to create a self-referential relationship. The screenshot below is an example of an N to N self-referential relationship created on the Account entity with the rel

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    • Setting up Error Logging for Dynamics 365 Portals

      Jordan Hohepa, 23 April 2019

      Recently one of our clients ran into issues with the Dynamic 365 Portal. As we were attempting to find a solution to the issues they were receiving we came across the error message shown in the below screenshot. As you can see, this is a very generic error and doesn’t provide us with much informati

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    • New Dynamics 365 Portal Feature: Diagnose and Resolve Problems

      Jordan Hohepa, 27 March 2019

      With recent upgrades to the Dynamics 365 Portal there are a few new options available on the Portal Configuration page. These options can be seen on the left side navigation in the screenshot below. To get to this configuration page you need to navigate to the Dynamics 365 Administration Center, cli

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    • Error with Editable Grids and Associated Views in Dynamics 365 v9

      Jordan Hohepa, 11 March 2019

      With Dynamics 365 v9 Views and Subgrids you can now make each row editable without having to open the record itself. This can be activated for specific Views and Subgrids or at an Entity Level so all Views for a certain Entity become editable. Separate to this, the ability to filter Associated Views

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    • Lookups Defaulting to Incorrect View in Dynamics 365 v9

      Jordan Hohepa, 07 March 2019

      In Dynamics 365 you can select the default view that a Lookup field will display when selecting an existing Lookup value. Along with this you are also able to select which views, if any, a User can select. In D365 v9 however there is an issue that can occur when defaulting the view, which will be de

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    • Dynamics 365 Portal Generic Failure Message on Creation of Record

      Jordan Hohepa, 15 February 2019

      Recently one of our clients ran into an issue with the Dynamics 365 Portals create record functionality. After completing and submitting an insert entity form, a generic error was returned, and the record was not created. This blog shows an example of the issue and how to resolve it. The screenshots

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    • Dynamics 365 V9 Editable Grid Column Resizing Feature

      Jordan Hohepa, 24 January 2019

      In Dynamics 365 v9 both views and subgrids now have the option to become editable. When the option for editable grids has been enabled, the fields of the records can be edited from the view itself, so Users no longer have to enter each record individually. Views can be made editable from the view cu

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    • Working with the settings.job file of an Azure Web Job

      Jordan Hohepa, 27 September 2018

      When creating an Azure Web Job, you have the option to create a ‘continuous’ web job or a ‘triggered’ web job. With triggered jobs you can decide whether this should only be triggered manually or be triggered on a schedule. The screenshot above shows a web job which is set to be triggered every 30

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    • Business Required Read Only Fields in Dynamics 365 v9

      Jordan Hohepa, 25 September 2018

      Within Dynamics 365 fields can be set as business required, which helps to ensure these fields need to be populated for the record to be saved. Fields can also be set as read-only, preventing Users from entering data manually. Prior to v9, the business required validation was always enforced, even i

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    • How to Restore Dynamics 365 Portal Solutions If You Have Reset Your CRM Instance

      Jordan Hohepa, 10 September 2018

      With each Dynamics 365 subscription you have the option to create a Dynamics Web Portal which is integrated with CRM. This Web Portal can be configured from the Office 365 Admin Portal by navigating to the Dynamics 365 area, selecting the applications tab and selecting to configure the Portal Add-On

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