CRM Project Evaluation

John Eccles, 20 October 2011

CRM Project EvaluationAfter about 4 weeks of operation there should be a formal evaluation of the system to assess user-acceptance of the system and overall user-friendliness of the system.  The evaluation will highlight any misalignments, software bugs, ideas/needs for software enhancements and any further training required.  In addition, the overall project should be evaluated.

Why 4 weeks?  Of course this is flexible. But time is needed for users to become familiar with the system and be in a position to comment constructively. And to long a delay may allow issues to “fester” and make it more difficult to recall details of the project.

How to conduct the Evaluation

At Magnetism, we send an evaluation to our Clients after 4 weeks via email.  The first page of the evaluation explains the purpose and process:


• To evaluate the system delivered in order to learn how to improve it.
• To evaluate the service provided by the Supplier to provide constructive feedback.
• To evaluate the change process in order to learn how future changes can be managed better.


We recommend that the process should be managed by either the Project Manager or the Project Sponsor.

1. The evaluation forms should be completed by all staff involved within 5 working days.
2. The completed forms should be collated by the designated manager and forwarded to the Magnetism Project Manager.
3. Magnetism will prepare a summary of the responses together with details/recommendations regarding the following:

a. Outstanding software bugs that will be addressed
b. Other outstanding issues
c. Further training
d. Software enhancements and extensions

What should be evaluated?CRM Project Evaluation

The users and their managers should evaluate the system and the training provided:

1. How well the system does what it does?

a. User-interface
b. Ease of use
c. Reliability
d. Ease of training new users
e. Usefulness of user-documentation
f. Pleasing aspects
g. Annoying aspects
h. Confusing aspects
i. Ideas for improvement

2. What else could/should the system do?

a. More reporting
b. Charts & dashboards
c. Automation – workflows
d. Reminders
e. Integration with other systems
f. Use in other parts of business

3. How helpful was the Training?

a. The course
b. The trainer

The Project Team should evaluate the Project and the Supplier:

4. Objectives

a. Re-state objectives
b. Were objectives met?
c. Are there new objectives for the system?

5. Deviations from plan and their impact

a. Re-state project plan
b. List deviations
c. Evaluate impact

6.Change Management   

a. Preparation for change
b. Training of users & managers
c. User perception and acceptance
d. Resolution of issues 

7. Supplier

a. Communications
b. Understanding of Client needs
c. Responsiveness
d. Professionalism
e. System deployment
f. Training (Also Users)
g. Post-go-live support