• Measure User Adoption of CRM

      John Eccles, 17 November 2013

      In an earlier blog - User Adoption of CRM – The Key Issue - I laid out the evidence for user adoption of the new system being critical to its success. “By far the most important factor for realizing value from software is effective user adoption.”    If this is true (

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    • Upgrade to CRM 2013 – Costs and Benefits

      John Eccles, 17 October 2013

      Dynamics CRM 2013 offers great benefits which I believe will almost always out-weigh the costs associated with the upgrade.  Read on to see what a great investment your upgrade will be. The Costs: 1.  Infrastructure upgrade This may or may not apply to you.  But if your orga

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    • Upgrading Customised CRM Systems

      John Eccles, 16 October 2013

      We all want our CRM system to be up-to-date and have all the features we need to stay competitive.  So when Microsoft releases a new version of Dynamics CRM we naturally want to upgrade as soon as possible.  But what if our CRM system has been customised?  Might it break? 

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    • Why Customise CRM?

      John Eccles, 07 October 2013

      One of the powerful features of Dynamics CRM is the ability to customise the system to match the different business requirements of different organisations.  Because when it comes to CRM, one size does NOT fit all. (Picture from: http://www.usatechguide.org/blog/one-size-fits-all-wheelcha

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    • Count the Cost of CRM

      John Eccles, 01 September 2013

      "But don't begin until you count the cost. For who would begin construction of a building without first calculating the cost to see if there is enough money to finish it?” Luke 14:28, New Living Translation  That is still good advice and it applies to CRM projects as well as building cons

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    • CRM and the Big Bang Theory

      John Eccles, 12 August 2013

      I love the show, but I have grave doubts about the Big Bang Theory. I find it impossible to imagine the complex systems all around us originating from the randomness of some sort of cosmological explosion. Not surprisingly, I’m equally sceptical of Big Bang software implementations – esp

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    • User Adoption of CRM – The Key Issue

      John Eccles, 30 July 2013

      How’s this for an IT strategy: • Management decides “we need a CRM system.” • Careful selection to find the best fit CRM software. • Find a consultant or partner to implement it. • Run a training course. • Less than 20% of users act

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    • Successful Implementation of CRM

      John Eccles, 03 June 2013

      According to a study by SandHill Group and Neochange (2008) the number 1 indication of "success" for an enterprise software implementation is "value realisation for the company."  96% of buyers thought so!   But the same study showed that only 40% of buyers and 35% of software provide

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    • Salesforce.com vs Dynamics CRM Online

      John Eccles, 06 March 2013

      The main arguments made by Salesforce in promoting their software against Dynamics CRM online are out of date.  I recently watched a video clip (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGgkM_hsmiI) on Youtube in which a Microsoft Gold Partner (identity hidden) explained why they had switched from D

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    • Introduction of New Software is Not Easy

      John Eccles, 10 February 2013

      Introduction of a new software system such as Dynamics CRM involves change and that change must be initiated, agreed, planned and managed.  But making change happen is not easy.  Human nature is stacked against you! I recently read a quote from Bill Bryson which says it all.  In A S

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    • Step by Step Approach to CRM Implementation

      John Eccles, 14 October 2012

      The greatest risk of CRM project failure is to tackle too many business processes or too much functionality at once.  It can be like trying to eat an elephant at one sitting. It can overwhelm end-users. I recommend a strategy of incremental improvement: start small, achieve some successful ou

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    • Why Fairtrade is Good for Business

      John Eccles, 10 October 2012

      Magnetism is a Fairtrade certified workplace, which means we serve Fairtrade products to staff and visitors, including trainees, at our Dynamics CRM training courses. My reasons for leading the company down the Fairtrade path were probably not well grounded in economic theory:  My daughter is p

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    • Single Business Numbers – Good for CRM, Good for Business

      John Eccles, 31 August 2012

      The Action Plan for Better public services for business, published by the NZ Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment yesterday (30 August, 2012) indicates that a Single Business Number is on the way. Under the heading Action: Collect information and share it so businesses only have to tell g

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    • Avoiding CRM Project Cost Overrun

      John Eccles, 02 July 2012

      Why is it that the final project cost is often more than we expected? Many of the CRM development projects I have been involved in, the task of estimating costs has not been simple. But I am reading an enlightening book, “Thinking Fast and Slow” by Daniel Kahneman which has helped me und

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    • Automate Your Sales Process with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

      John Eccles, 24 September 2010

      Joan’s blood pressure is rising.  She is beginning to work late and when she gets home, she is grumpy with the family.  So she has decided that her dead-end job is really not worth it. The problem is that Joan knows the business well, is highly efficient and has become the critical person,

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