Enabling Service Level Agreements in Dynamics 365 from Unified Interface Settings

Jasper Marri, 02 July 2019

Previously only the Case entity had Service Level Agreements available by default. SLAs are useful for tracking customer service agents and seeing if they are reaching their goals of contacting and helping customers in a timely manner. Now in Dynamics 365 we can manually enable SLAs for Account, Contact, Order, Invoice, Opportunity, Lead, Activities and to track various entities.

In this Blog I will show how to enable SLA for any entity.

1.    Log in to Dynamics365
2.    Select the Settings icon on the command bar
3.    Click on Advanced Settings as shown below:


4.    From the original Sitemap, click on Settings and select Customizations


5.    Click on Customize the System as shown below:


6.    Select an entity and follow the steps as below

a.    Suppose the entity is Account
b.    Under General Option of entity definition
c.    Check Enable for SLA option
d.    Publish the changes


Points to remember:
•    In Activities, recurring appointments cannot have SLAs enabled.
•    Once an entity is enabled for SLA it cannot be disabled.
•    A maximum of 7 entities can be enabled for SLA for an organisation.
•    You can disable SLAs organisation-wide. How? Kindly check my previous blog to Disable SLA https://www.magnetismsolutions.com/blog/jaspermarri/2018/03/13/create-a-service-level-agreement-for-cases-in-microsoft-dynamics-365