• Enabling Service Level Agreements in Dynamics 365 from Unified Interface Settings

      Jasper Marri, 02 July 2019

      Previously only the Case entity had Service Level Agreements available by default. SLAs are useful for tracking customer service agents and seeing if they are reaching their goals of contacting and helping customers in a timely manner. Now in Dynamics 365 we can manually enable SLAs for Account, Con

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    • Hide/Unhide Search fields on Lookup Window in Dynamics 365

      Jasper Marri, 28 March 2019

      An overlooked feature of Dynamics 365 is the ability to hide the search box on lookup window for an entity. In this blog, I would like to share how we can do that as it can be used to keep users from searching on look up window if necessary. Let’s use the Account entity as an example: We have a par

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    • Using Customer Service Schedules and Holiday Schedules in Dynamics 365

      Jasper Marri, 04 December 2018

      In a previous blog, I showed how to create Service level agreements (SLAs) in Microsoft Dynamics 365. In this blog, I’ll cover using Customer Service Schedules & Holiday Schedules in with the SLA. Suppose a client (Frosty Ltd.) logged a high priority case on Saturday to XYZ help desk which has a

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    • How to Sign Out from Dynamics 365 Tablet App

      Jasper Marri, 08 November 2018

      Security is of course very important when dealing with customer data. One way to safeguard customer data is to sign out of Dynamics when not using it. When using the tablet app, the sign out button is not immediately visible. To sign out from the tablet app: 1.    From the Menu Bar, c

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    • Warning and Failure Actions in Dynamics 365 SLAs

      Jasper Marri, 27 March 2018

      In my previous blog,  I discussed how can we create an SLA and activate it for the Case entity in Dynamics 365. This blog expands on the SLA functionality by adding an automated email to notify the customer service manager that an SLA is about to expire and also when expired. This provides visi

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    • Easily Capture Media from the Dynamics 365 Mobile and Tablet Apps

      Jasper Marri, 23 March 2018

      If you are a salesperson who is out in the field with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Mobile and Tablet App, you can easily capture video, photos and audio in your Dynamics 365 system using the on-device camera and microphone. This blog explains how you can easily capture video, photos, and audio by crea

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    • Create a Service Level Agreement for Cases in Microsoft Dynamics 365

      Jasper Marri, 13 March 2018

      Service Level Agreement (SLA) is one of the many features in Microsoft Dynamics 365 which can be used to manage services provided to clients. It is a level of service of contract between a Company and its Client. Suppose XYZ help desk needs to create a new service level agreement for a client (Frost

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