• Large CRM 4 to CRM 2011 Upgrade – Too many workflows…

      Gayan Perera, 07 March 2012

      We’re currently in the process of upgrading a large Dynamics CRM 4 to CRM 2011. CRM 4 was implemented by another vendor and has over 80 workflows! Some of which are very complex with custom workflow activities. We wanted to quickly get a list of all the workflows that had custom activities without

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    • Storing Custom Settings in Dynamics CRM 2011

      Gayan Perera, 07 April 2012

      While browsing the Dynamics CRM 2011 Development forum I came across a post asking where people store their settings for ISV extensions. The way we’ve done this is by creating a custom entity called “Settings” with 3 fields, Key, Value and Encrypted (yes/no). Example:   Then we have a he

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    • Code Generating Code…programmatically retrieve N:N relationships

      Gayan Perera, 07 January 2012

      We recently needed to write a plugin that associated multiple different record types with a custom entity. The custom entity contained over 30 system many to many relationships with the other record types. We could’ve taken a couple of different approaches. One would’ve been to dynamically retrieve

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