• Saving as .gif for Dynamics CRM 16x16 icons

      David Sutton, 11 June 2010

      When it comes to saving icons for CRM you are restricted to saving in the .gif and .ico file format. I have had a great deal of trouble when saving 16x16 icons in the .gif file format because of the fact that they would either turn out blurry or pixelated. When saving the larger .gif format icons I

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    • Auto Updating Reflections in Photoshop

      David Sutton, 31 May 2010

      One thing that I have always struggled with when making icons of CRM is making slick, nice looking reflections. After researching the problem on the internet and finding out what I already knew I was at a loss. However I started using smart objects to combine all my icons into one unflattened image

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    • Creating CRM icons

      David Sutton, 26 April 2010

      Custom icons in CRM are a main visual point of customizing CRM for a company or organisation. Over the next blog I will explain how to create these icons, what sizes these icons need to be and what formats these icons need to be saved in. I will guide you through with an icon that I will create over

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    • Microsoft tag

      David Sutton, 19 April 2010

      Microsoft Tag is a coloured barcode that can be used for redirecting customers to a website or adding contact details to their phone. One thing that can be done with the tags is that images can be added to them and they can be personalised to your company or individual style. This is one that I have

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    • Changing the Title in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4

      David Sutton, 21 June 2010

      When I say the title I mean the name that appears in the Tab. Even thoughthis is a very easy process it requires you to make changes to code. This is an unsupported customization by the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 SDK. First of all you need to go to the following directory. C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\ C:\Pr

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    • Changing the CRM Icon

      David Sutton, 14 June 2010

      In CRM one easy customisation to do is to change the Favicon (the small icon that displays inside the address bar and browsing tab). The reason why you would change this is to incorporate and personalise CRM for you company. Note: This is an unsupported customization by the Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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    • CRM Masthead Customization

      David Sutton, 10 May 2010

      A discussion here at Magnetism started me wondering if it is possible to add your logo or another image into CRM. After searching on the internet I came across a few solutions to this problem. The solution requires either editing the image files in the CRM directory or changing the .CSS definition.

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    • Changing the Workplace Icon in the Navigation Bar in Dynamics CRM

      David Sutton, 02 August 2010

      At the bottom of the navigation bar in CRM is the different Areas that CRM provides. Here at Magnetism we have done quite a lot of customisation and, in turn, we have different areas than the standard ‘Out of the box’ product. Naturally, when new areas were made they needed new icons. Because you ca

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    • A New Take on the Masthead in Dynamics CRM 4.0

      David Sutton, 09 August 2010

      Before I even start I want to warn you that this is an unsupported customisation in CRM and that if you do this wrong other things in CRM may break. Anyway, one of our clients came to us wanting a masthead put up on their CRM as they had come up with a design themselves. This was fine as I had done

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    • Microsoft Sure Step 2010 Exam Preparation – MB5-858

      David Sutton, 15 August 2010

      Sure Step is a program that is designed to provide Microsoft Partners with tools to provide a better, smoother implementation when dealing with Customers. It breaks the implementation process into several phases which contain Activities, Tasks and Sub-tasks. Although the program itself is very simp

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    • Busy vs. Productive

      David Sutton, 23 August 2010

      Definition of ‘Busy’ = actively or fully engaged or occupied. Definition of ‘Productive’ = producing or capable of producing. Often the line between being busy and being productive is very blurred, after all have you ever asked someone to do something and you get the reply;’ Sorry I’m being producti

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    • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Masthead

      David Sutton, 13 September 2010

      With the new version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, ‘Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011’ being released, one of the things that I have been wondering is how the graphical elements are going to change for one the icons and the Masthead. For this post I thought that I would cover the Masthead. One thing to take

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    • Increase Productivity with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

      David Sutton, 06 September 2010

      There are many programs available to help increase Productivity. Although Dynamics CRM is not aimed specifically at increasing productivity in the work place, it has tools that help with productivity. It can also be customised so that the processes inside of CRM can be sped up and in turn increase p

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    • Busy vs. Productive - Part 2

      David Sutton, 30 August 2010

      I was interested in what productivity and busyness each look like in practice. The division presence of both is more common in the work place than you think. I have broken this into two parts with example of each: Productivity: http://www.profit501.com/utah-tries-a-4-day-workweek/76/ This website a

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